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    Four People Killed As Ferry Capsizes Near Bali

    Four people have died and survivors were forced to jump to save themselves as a ferry capsized between the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java.

    The Rafelia 2 ran into trouble in the narrow Bali Strait on Friday, floating on its side for some time before sinking.

    Four people were found dead in the wreckage, including a woman still holding her child, according to Johan Saptadi, head of the Search and Rescue Agency in East Java.

    Seventy-one people were rescued.

    Didi Hamzar, head of Bali's Search and Rescue Agency, said the ship's manifest said there were just 51 people on board, including 14 crewmen, although Indonesian passenger boats often carry more people than listed.

    The ship had been travelling from Gilimanuk port in Bali to Ketapang in East Java when it began to leak.

    Indonesia's 256 million people are distributed across around 17,000 islands, meaning boats are a vital form of transport.

    Sea accidents are common and safety regulations are often not well-enforced.

    Four People Killed As Ferry Capsizes Near Bali
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