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    American Homeland Security Personnel Hack

    I hope no individual employee, or member of his or her family gets hurt because of this, but also have to admit that after the Snowden revelations, and some of the other evil activities of the American Government, I find these stories very amusing.

    DHS Staff Directory Dumped; Hackers Claim FBI is Next.

    A hacker has posted a directory containing nearly 10,000 names of staff at the Department of Homeland Security. Following the DHS post, the hacker via his Twitter account claimed that details of 20,000 employees from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is next.
    The revelation came from an article on Motherboard first, wherein a hacker claimed to have downloaded hundreds of gigabytes of data from a Department of Justice (DoJ) computer. The publication verified several contact details on the data dump by reaching out to them directly.

    It was only after several calls when Motherboard reached the National Operations Centre, a wing of the DHS, that the department confirmed that they hadn’t heard or detected any indication of such a breach.

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    Good, they devote their careers to snooping on their citizens so full deserve to have their details exposed IMO.

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