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    Vietnam - Steady as she goes

    Recently in Hanoi at the 12th Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party, elections took place. Some had predicted the demise of the existing leader and a new, more Western biased, leader would be elected to the top post.

    The results however showed a continuation of the old and the usurper banished.

    Phuong Nguyen: Hanoi proves that appearances can deceive - Nikkei Asian Review

    "the results of the congress were not entirely surprising: current VCP General-Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong was re-elected to serve another five-year term, while the ambitious prime minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, one-time contender to succeed Trong, was forced to retire."

    That some who predicted a move away from China have now got egg on their face is apt.

    "A special envoy sent by Chinese President Xi Jinping came on Jan. 29, a day after the congress ended, to take stock of the leadership transition and meet senior party officials."


    "Immediately after the visit, a delegation of senior Vietnamese officials, accompanied by business representatives, left to attend the Feb. 4 signing ceremony of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in New Zealand."

    Life in Asia continues.
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