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    At least 50 die in blasts near Shia shrine south of Damascus

    At least 50 people have died in blasts near the Shia shrine of Sayyida Zeinab, south of Syria's capital Damascus.

    A bus station and a building housing military headquarters were hit by the blasts, which mangled nearby vehicles.

    It happened as the government and opposition groups gathered in Geneva in a bid to start talks aimed at a political solution to the conflict.

    The attack, claimed by the Islamic State group, was aimed at disrupting the talks, the EU said.

    Both the Syrian government and opposition are in Geneva but the talks have yet to begin. The main opposition group says the government must first meet key humanitarian demands.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry urged both sides to seize the opportunity to end the bloodshed.

    Mr Kerry said there was "no military solution" to the spiralling crisis, which he warned could engulf the region if the tentative UN-sponsored negotiations fail as previous attempts have.

    The UN envoy to Syria has scheduled separate discussions with both sides in Geneva on Monday.

    Syria conflict: Dozens killed near Sayyida Zeinab shrine - BBC News

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Mann View Post
    Mr Kerry said there was "no military solution" to the spiralling crisis,
    It's worth saving that quote.

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