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    Mother was paid $14,000 to abuse her 11-month-old daughter online

    Mother 'who was paid $14,000 to abuse her 11-month-old daughter online by paedophiles' said she thought it was okay because 'it was just a game to the girl'

    Roxana Elena Onu, 24, was arrested for sexually abusing her baby online

    She is accused of taking 7,000 in 13 payments from Europe and the U.S.

    Onu told police it was harmless because it was just a 'game' to the girl

    Images were found by the FBI during investigation into Brandon Gressette

    He was arrested last year on child pornography and exploitation charges

    A mother accused of sexually abusing her 11-month-old baby online in return for payment from British and U.S. paedophiles has been arrested in Romania.
    Mother-of-two Roxana Elena Onu, 24, from the commune of Varasti in southern Romania, was arrested last week after Romanian police received a tip-off from the FBI.
    Images of Onu abusing her baby were discovered by U.S. authorities during an investigation into Brandon Gressette, 31, who was arrested last year for charges related to sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.

    The FBI informed Romanian authorities that the woman was operating under the username brunetelovex2 and had allegedly received money from Gressette via Western Union.
    Further investigations revealed that between June 2014 and October 2015 she received a total of 7,000 through 13 transfers from seven people in the USA, the UK, Belgium and Holland.

    Onu told prosecutors she carried out the abuse believing the baby would not be emotionally affected because she was only 11 months old.
    She added she avoided involving her three-year-old boy in the video chat activities, because 'he is older and he could have been affected emotionally'.
    She said: 'I agreed to do these things with my daughter because I thought that she couldn't have suffered any trauma. I thought that it was all just a game.'

    She added that she had been video-chatting before becoming pregnant but since December 2014 decided to also involve her child.
    She said: 'After graduating high-school I got involved in video-chat activities. It was my idea to involve my baby girl.

    'Some of my clients knew that I had been giving birth to a baby. They asked me to undress her and to touch her.
    'I agreed to do that in exchange of money. Some of them were paying me with $500, others with 100.'
    If found guilty, Onu could face up to 15 years in jail.

    Romanian mother 'paid 7,000 to abuse her 11-month-old daughter' | Daily Mail Online
    I would post pictures but life's too short.

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    Last but who gives a shit.
    She deserves more than 15 shitty years.

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    I daren't think of what Thais are doing to their Luk Thep dolls online.

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