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    Space Shuttle Challenger

    28 January 1986 - thirty years ago.
    Do you remember how you felt after you saw that video on your tellie ? Do you remember where you were ?

    Look how far the space scientific and manufacturing communities have come since that fateful day...much more so because of that sad day.

    RIP to the brave souls who pushed the boundaries and continue to on all frontiers.

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    Thanks for the reminder.

    I am not a great fan of capital punishment. But I feel strongly that the NASA top management should have been sent to death row for this.

    The engineers who built that booster have told NASA in no unclear terms that their booster cannot launch under these weather conditions. Yet NASA management decided they cannot delay for publicity reasons and decided for launch despite the dire warnings.
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    I remember the day well. I had just flown in to San Francisco from Chicago and was driving up to Squaw Valley for a little ski holiday. I stopped at my accountant's house in Concord and saw the whole incident unfold on his TV. A really horrifying thing to witness.
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