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    Washington and North East America on lock down

    Blizzard with 'life and death implications' descends on US East Coast
    The storm could be the biggest to hit Washington DC in 100 years

    The US north east is bracing itself of a snow storm, the size of which not have been equalled for a century and which officials say has “life-and-death implications”.

    The National Weather Service has said the storm had the potential to bring a large swath of the region to halt, and dump as much as 30 inches of snow in places such as Washington DC and Baltimore. Philadelphia and New York are also in the path of the blizzard, which has been named Jonas by the US media.

    On Friday afternoon, the first of many flakes began to fall in the nation’s capital, which is expected to be buried by several feet of snow, and where the blizzard's power could equal that of the 1922 Knickerbocker storm, which inundated the city under 28 inches. In Chicago, a United Airlines plane slipped off the runway at O'Hare Airport.

    The Weather Channel said more than 85m people in at least 20 states were covered by either a blizzard warning, winter storm watch, winter storm warning, winter weather advisory, or freezing rain advisory.

    Blizzard with 'life and death implications' descends on US East Coast | Americas | News | The Independent

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    11-07-2019 @ 03:42 PM
    It's only fun if you are well stocked and your power along with cable access does not go out.
    Much better with a cord of wood , marshmallows and a fireplace (though a wood-burning stove would heat a home).

    I fondly recall huge snowstorms when I was younger. Now it is no longer fun particularly as I'm living in SE Asia. Makes for great pics on the internet.

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    Way, Way South of the border now - thank God!
    Hated these things in Chicago . . . the wind over Lake Michigan is a killer . . . literally. So literally it is surprising he NRA hasn't adopted it

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    Damn to those feckin preppers!

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