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    Pot head lardy abuses crowdfunding to remove face tattoo

    A US woman has successfully crowdfunded her face tattoo removal after setting up a fundraising page online.

    Tabitha West set up the page to remove the unsightly body art - a decorative ‘420’ written across her forehead - which she said she got when she was “young and dumb” but is now making it impossible to find a job.

    4/20 is the unofficial symbol of marijuana legalisation movement - it is falsely believed to be the police code for cannabis possession.

    Ms West, from the small town of Mexico in New York state, said she “can't stand to look at [her] face” in the mirror and had even contemplated killing herself because of it.

    The page has raised over $900 (£627) in just two days - beating her original target of $800 (£557).

    Writing on the page - which she said was inspired by a friend who used it after she had a house fire - she thanked everyone who donated money and dismissed her critics.

    She said: “Thank you to the people whom wished me luck and wasn't down on me for putting this on this site.

    “I said to myself for years I wouldn't but I did so people that disliked my fundraiser you can kiss my a** sorry.

    Tabitha West: Woman successfully crowdfunds the removal of her forehead tattoo which says '420' | Americas | News | The Independent

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    It only costs $800?

    Why the duck didn't she do it 20 years ago?

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