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    U.N. agency clears way for lifting of Iran sanctions

    U.N. agency clears way for lifting of Iran sanctions

    VIENNA/DUBAI | By Lesley Wroughton and Sam Wilkin

    The United Nations' nuclear watchdog on Saturday confirmed that Iran has curtailed its nuclear program as agreed with world powers, paving the way for the almost immediate lifting of crippling sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
    "Iran has carried out all measures required under the (July deal) to enable Implementation Day (of the deal) to occur," the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency said in a statement.
    The announcement triggers the lifting of sanctions imposed by the United States, United Nations and European Union within hours or days.
    Earlier on Saturday, Iran and the United States eased decades of tension with the announcement of a prisoner swap.
    With the removal of the sanctions, oil-producer Iran will now be back on the world economic stage.
    U.N. agency gives green light to lifting of Iran sanctions | Reuters

    Bad news for the environment? Oil will get even cheaper now ? Now its time to tax oil WORLD wide for the environment ?

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    Washington (AFP) - The United States implemented its side of the Iran nuclear deal Saturday, lifting a raft of sanctions imposed on Tehran to rein in its weapons program.

    Secretary of State John Kerry was in Vienna to receive a report from the UN nuclear watchdog certifying that Iran had honored its side of the bargain.

    Under authority delegated to him by US President Barack Obama, he signed documents confirming the US government had received the report and waivers to implement the lifting of US Congressional sanctions.

    "I hereby confirm that the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified that Iran has fully implemented its required commitments... The US sanctions-related commitments... are now in effect," Kerry said.

    Separately, in Washington, Obama signed an order revoking previous executive orders imposing further sanctions beyond the scope of the Congressional sanctions.


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