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    Derby man convicted for ordering illegal weapons from Thailand on eBay

    A 50-YEAR-OLD Derby man has admitted ordering illegal weapons knuckle dusters and flick knives on the internet.

    Two parcels one containing five knuckle dusters and the other four flick knives imported from Thailand and ordered through eBay by Frank Payne were intercepted by border control.

    Derby Crown Court heard that police found more of these weapons at Payne's home in Penzance Road, Alvaston, as well as a number of cannisters of pepper spray.

    Prosecutor Victoria Rose said: "One was found in the driver's side compartment in his motor vehicle.

    "When he was arrested and interviewed, he indicated he had been purchasing the items in bulk online and, in essence, it was a hobby of his he was interested in collecting such items.

    "He indicated there was no plan on his part to sell the items on, which was accepted as there was nothing to indicate he was trying to sell them on."

    Ragian Ashton, in mitigation, said: "He had an account on eBay, which he used to purchase the items on separate occasions, spending on average between 5 and 10. He thinks, on average, he spent (overall) between 100 and 150.

    "Some came from abroad but he wasn't aware and, in fact, some came from the UK."

    Sentencing Payne to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, Judge John Burgess said: "These weapons are prohibited for a very good reason."

    Payne replied: "I didn't realise that at the time."

    Judge Burgess continued: "There was no evidence you were selling them. If you were you would be going straight to prison today."

    Payne must abide by a three-month curfew at his home between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

    Payne admitted four counts of possessing a prohibited weapon pepper spray and two charges of fraudulent evasion of a prohibition of the Customs and Excise Management Act, involving the knuckle dusters and flick knives.

    Derby man who ordered illegal weapons on the internet is spared jail | Derby Telegraph

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    Ah yes the pirates of Penzance Rd Yep some of them mailorder brides from popsy.cum also can be explosive in cold climates once stopper removed.

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    It's not Pompeyesbroke, is it?

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    Actually I would prefer a cosh to a knuckle duster. Quite easily home-made too.

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