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RubbaDubbaland to become Hub for spokepeople said a pokes person.Flood and drought predicted alternate days
National Happiness peeking soon

99.0 % satsifaction reported in Patters

TAT to launch Abusing Pieland to encourage Pete O'Files
After stonking succes in Great British Bonkoff best selling author Godfrey Sniffer is guest host on Wivnall's runaway suck cess show

The Great Pottery Throw Up
99.1 % satsifaction reported in Patters
Free bottle of loypipers with every girl

After a surpissed op and Valentine's bland date Ant and Smeg tie the knot at a star studded ceremony at On Nut beer garden

Terry69 was maid of on Her and best man Miss Geneva popped out of the cake to the delight of the assembled convicts.The Reverending Davis Nowton gave the service and the Valleydiction was from the Phlegmish Butterfly home for the terminally bENT.

99.2 % satsifaction reported in Patters
Free bottle of lollytoy with everywhirl

Backsplashing fistival
renamed Zonk-cram

Sucks as record number of fuxdux fall off Hilux.
Crackdown mooted by important unmamed cracker.

Elvis gone but reborn Easer Sunday to mass pubic hysteria bars closed for 999 days,Cartoys stop for short time a mark of respect.
Cow barn Rd covered in foam to cleanse Slackpukers.
99.3 % pratsifaction reported in Patters

Free gottle of geer with every babystroller

Man City Man Ure and Cheski relegated in schlock jock mock crock knock for falang owners.As Norwich win title new owner hot as Mustard Shittalotta Toxin asked suppoitaries to wear red under their new Yeller Shits.
99.4 % satsifaction reported in Hatters
Free bottle of loytoy with every bucket

N-Tyre Khvntree rebranded
Land of Lays
sponsered by leading nibbles operation.

Well known 'pretty' Ms KruzteeZweet dumbstruck by Chickenpoxy resin. Whalewishers send her an Uberdonkey at a moving spocktackle of Ass appreciation.

99.4 % satsifaction retorted in Fuketwan
Free bottle of Babyoil with every EARL

No TV mod arrested , no scandal,no body in cellar whatsoever.
Fiery Falang found in On Nut in concrete shoes after revealing 33rd degree inner secret of Air Conditioning online,
Schtickman arrested but released by mistake
99.5 % faction reported driving tractors to protest about sanook deficit

"Freed" bottle of superviagara found in CLuigi's back passage
CIS bumcockare looking into it.

Erections cancelled , a BS Stokesman
Ajarn Snorekeeper explained a new bedroom Charter is being beefed up by top brasses.
Budget Airline
Air Phazier introduce budget 99baht Wang2Go deals
be fired anywhere Jumbo Howitzer fares,bring own Parachute.

99.6 % satsifaction distorted in Splatters
Free recording of Nude Droys with every condo

No news at all , apparently Mid has kidnapped Mskit and `Strontium wog
Repeats of the 'good bits ' of SNL.
Eastbenders,Dreadwood and Twin pukes" shown continuosly on all channels
99.7 % satsifaction by Butters
Bottle of of rat with every 7/11


Smeg n Ant divorce tragedy, Earl named as the other woman in Golden Shower Triangle of Glove.

The twin offspring Wankshit Riot and Tobymoby petrified and used as Bollards at new High Speed Trainwreck buffers.

Australia beat England into ashes at the Joint rolling test in Nimbin

New Plan for canal to link Rs in Gear
99.8 % satsifaction reported in Patters
Freedose of assorted TOTs with every pothole


Top poster simian,sport and all round forum addict,Quillywing retires 60,ooo knot out

His proctologist DrbOB explained he was unable to multi -ask like he used and as Old-Rhymers disease worsened he'd be unable post and masturbate simultaneously.
Groan men were scene weeping in walking street.

His Counsellor a Prof Texdrugs explained his onanism

"he'll stick to what he nose best" Kleenex shares soar.

99.9 % Slopsometime in Patters getting a round in
Free red with every paste

After surprise crash of Meer Satelite on Jetski HQ, Boss sends bill for damages to Kremlin.Putin an angry mood threatens Patters with more tourists,
Russian wanks invade the Baltic,Pukriane and Slow Vac republic in reprisal for all their best 'gal's working at Siam surface station"

An overloaded minivan of blind disabled TV mods doesn't fall off expressway in schlock revel Asian
100 % staff a faction reported in Knot the Gnashon
Free bottle of Aberlour with every dump

Mystery of E-Duke Asian announce KFC Keep Falang Cuite, a Ms Ajarndottycon said "pish-off"
0% satisfaction as Loy Pipers banned and replaced by Loy Kratom


President erect Dump erects massive Mexican Wave thingy and send bill to Tacky Bell, Invades Kanadastan mistaking it for caliphornia Mushlime.

Runner up Hilary claims she had better Pantsuit,
She flies to Londonistan to consult premier KORBINE the NudeLabour Polite Buro on how to launch democrat Mass movement, Dem Ass R Us goes viral

Americans return to grazing, wigs become de rigeur.Nat Sliver slates Slyam to win Roadslaughter title.

Fortune Teller StickyPalm Oil Pongalot predicts floods if not outrout drought, sales of Jatukom soar Slyam chattercom floated in first bitcoin Turd IPO

200 % satsifaction reported at the Twin Peeks cuddle bar C Mai, no tit left unsucked said Milkman.
Free bottle of effluent of loykroy , cures Loopers syndrome


Pongpat Taxi driver
Mr Nop Ossible Thriceknightly
returns valuable manuscript of
Chas Sham-pooeys greatmaster piece

"Polly-Tri-Cycling grouse about Pheasant Stuffing"
found in a matchbox on jeweler loghorn day, the maestro could only respond

'Twas a Game of too halfs, I'm as thick as a Pirate"

Spurts correspondant Khvn Cyrille REGIS said it's a pistichio of the

"Baggied Trousered Filipantrpoissed" on a bob trestle

2017 forecast to be greatest 2017 ever

New Atlas on road map to the future plan for consultation about maybe doing something some time soon expressed satisfaction with progress as confirmed when 999% of those paid agreed