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    Britain to Help Train Syrian Rebels to Fight IS Militants

    Britain will send about 75 military personnel to join a U.S.-led program to train Syrian opposition forces to fight the hardline Islamic State group, Defense Minister Michael Fallon said on Thursday.

    The program will train and equip thousands of screened members of the opposition over the next three years to help them defend Syrian communities against Islamic State before eventually leading offensives, the statement said.
    Islamic State has captured tracts of land across Syria and Iraq and is also being targeted by a U.S.-led air strike campaign in both countries.

    In Syria it has advanced at the expense of mainstream rebel groups fighting government forces.

    “ISIL must be defeated in both Iraq and Syria ... defeating ISIL ultimately lies with local forces and we are helping to create effective ground forces in Syria, as well as in Iraq, so they can take the fight to ISIL,” Fallon said in a statement, using an acronym for Islamic State.

    Fallon said the training, expected to begin in the next few weeks, would see British troops provide instruction in the use of small arms, infantry tactics and medical skills. It will take place in Turkey and other countries in the region which are part of the international coalition fighting Islamic State.

    Britain also will be sending two Sentinel aircraft to the region to provide wider surveillance over Iraq.

    Syria's state news agency SANA reported on Fallon's statement saying it showed Britain's “commitment to supporting terrorism in Syria” through training and arms.

    The Syrian government and state media describe all insurgents in the country as terrorists. The SANA report said Britain was “following in the footsteps of Washington” in supporting such groups.

    Britain to Help Train Syrian Rebels to Fight IS Militants

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    25-05-2019 @ 12:56 PM
    I thought that's how the entire Syrian uprising started?

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    Strange that no western media outlet has deemed it worthy to point out the utter and grovelling humiliation that Syrian President Assad- who so recently we were orgasmic about ousting to make way for these 'nice' Islamic rebel scum, we are now assisting to keep in power- and his tenure looks more secure than ever since the outbreak of the rebellion.

    Guess it's embarassing to say "We lost, yet again".
    probes Aliens

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    That takes the biscuit.

    UK training ragheads to fight ragheads, and will probably arm them as well as their opposition.

    USA backing the rebels and now backing Saudi vs the Houthis is pure insanity, profitting US oil and arms interests.

    UK's involvement in Muslim conflicts is right now clearly pure dumbfwkery, spending millions on training Muslims to fight, spending millions more supporting more ragheads in the UK, and can't even properly fund and run a decent health department.

    Those UK trained ragheads will come back to UK at some point and freak out with PTSD and we'll have another Rigby (RIP) scenario.

    Why feed the snake? It'll only bite the hand that feeds it.
    What's all this Muzzie appeasement all about?

    I read Prince Charles is doing an about face now about Islam.
    In the past he sucked up to Saudi to the max!
    Particularly when he was selling arms to them, (followed by his idiot brother Andy and now his son William).

    Wasn't he waxing lyrical at one point about how he's been studying the Koran and advocating that Brits should be more welcoming to the "gifts" of the Muslim culture?

    Now, the poor chap is whining and snivelling about Islamic extremism in UK, the drip, as if he's some sort of leading light on the matter.

    God protect us from the house of Windsor, the damned perverted thieves.

    I bet his latest whimper is designed to take attention from his "black spider" rants to be published.

    I wonder if there's a load of crap in his letters about encouraging Muslim investments in UK Plc?

    We have Muslim aristocracy in UK, got titles and seats in the house of lords, making decisions about the lives of Britons that they have no god-damnedmoral nor cultural right to make.

    Let's see how all this evolves, but I predict that sh*t is going to hit the fan at Windsor.

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