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    IOM: Some 3,800 Migrants Rescued from Mediterranean since Friday

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Tuesday that 933 people had arrived on the island of Lampedusa over the previous 24 hours.

    These latest arrivals, thought to be African or Syrian, were among some 3,800 migrants rescued at sea since last Friday, according to IOM.

    More than 640 rescued migrants were taken to the town of Porto Empedocle on Sicily.

    According to Italy’s Ministry of Interior, 3,528 migrants arrived in the country by sea in January. Totals for February already have exceeded last month’s arrivals, a sign that the human smuggling season is starting earlier this year than in the past.

    More here: IOM: Some 3,800 Migrants Rescued from Mediterranean since Friday

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    Send them off to fight Isis for 6 months. Those who come back can stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi View Post
    Send them off to fight Isis for 6 months. Those who come back can stay.
    The article states that some of migrants are Syrian so I guess they have already completed their Isis training and will be shopping at a Sainsburys near you sometime in the not too distant future.

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    Surely the biggest deterrent to stop them crossing the Med is to stop rescuing them.

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    Use the full boats for target practice .

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    Soon be high season summer on the way warm sunshine calm water.
    Oh an Italian spokesman did mention there might be a few terrorist mixed in for good measure. On the BBC world service news last night.

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    'Migrants'? I'm sure that's not the word.

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    in t' naughty lass
    Quote Originally Posted by buriramboy View Post
    Surely the biggest deterrent to stop them crossing the Med is to stop rescuing them.
    Well, apart from international law of the sea stuff, and other treaties on refugees etc.., it may not actually work.

    Think of it like a computer game (in fact it might make a quite addictive game)... Imagine you are the refugee, and you are determined to get across that stretch of sea, and the challenges include a handful of patrol boats, and your fellow passengers.

    In order to win this game, you will want to leverage the factors you can control.
    What can you control?
    - the vessel you use?
    - the start point?
    - the route?
    - the supplies and equipment you need?
    - the other passengers?

    You can't control any of the other factos until you control the other passengers.
    How will you control the other passengers?
    Firearms are the most portable and effective.
    You, as the fellow refugee, have now become an armed refugee, some might call you a pirate.
    What do pirates do? They take hostages and kill people in order to achieve their objectives.

    What started out as desperate people paying ridiculous sums to human traffickers, to be hurriedly packed in unsafe numbers onto unsafe vessels, could evolve into a trail of floating corpses en route to the EU coast, and holding refugee children hostage in order to be taken to shore.
    Once that Rubicon is crossed, then the more alarming prospect of actual dedicated bands of pirates in the Med, hunting cruise ships and yachts.
    Then the worst scenario of all... ISIS pirates in the Med...

    No. The answer here is to take complete control of the Libyan coast, and of Libya, under a UN mandate. To manage that country and make it safe and stable... the same applies to all countries along the frontiers of Europe. They will not manage themselves and have our best interests at heart; only we will.

    we are all figments of our own imagination.

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