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    Indian police arrest eight for 'brutal' Haryana rape and murder

    Police in India say they have arrested eight men over the gang rape and murder of a mentally ill Nepalese woman.

    The 28-year-old woman went missing on 1 February in the town of Rohtak in Haryana state, where she was seeking hospital treatment. Her mutilated body was found in a field on Wednesday.

    A post mortem examination has confirmed multiple sexual assaults.

    BBC News - Indian police arrest eight for 'brutal' Haryana rape and murder

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    Repugnant aspect of Indian society. Not unique to them.. But seems to be more common and accepted there.....horrific.

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    Happens wherever women are relegated to second class in a culture, normal in most of the world, but institutionalized in repressive daily life, in Muslim and Hindu dominated societies.

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