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    Toxic leak forces International Space Station astronauts to move

    THE six astronauts at the International Space Station are safe and are taking shelter in the Russian segment after an alarm went off on the US side of the orbiting outpost, NASA says.
    The US space agency said on Wednesday it could not confirm that an ammonia leak was the cause, as the Russian space agency reported earlier.
    “ISS flight controllers are not sure if the alarm was triggered by a pressure spike, a faulty sensor, or a problem in a computer relay box,” NASA said on Twitter.
    “Crew is safe. No ammonia leak confirmed. Crew responded to coolant loop pressure increases.”
    American astronauts also tweeted to saw they were doing fine.

    The “toxic substance was emitted from a cooling system into the station’s atmosphere” in the US segment of the station, the agency said in a statement.
    “At present the American segment has been evacuated and the crew is safely located in the Russian segment,” the statement said.
    The American segment has been sealed off.

    A representative of the Russian mission control centre told Russian news agencies that the substance was ammonia.
    The accident could also delay the departure of the US SpaceX cargo ship Dragon, which brought supplies earlier this week.
    Fixing the leak may also require an emergency space walk, he added.

    Toxic leak forces International Space Station astronauts to move

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    What do they use for coolant? Ammonia?

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