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    English Justice.

    Should this be true, this guy must be real useful;

    Judge 'falls asleep' during child rape case

    A judge is being investigated after he was accused of falling asleep during a child rape trial.

    A complaint was made against Recorder Philip Cattan on the first day of a trial at Manchester Crown Court.

    Barristers complained that the judge had fallen asleep as the first alleged victim was cross-examined. The trial was abandoned and must now start again.

    The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said Mr Cattan could not comment while the matter was investigated.

    A spokesman said the office was aware of the allegation and an investigation was under way.
    Case relisted

    Mr Cattan is a recorder - a barrister who spends between 15 and 30 days a year sitting as judge.

    If he is found guilty of misconduct, any disciplinary action will be decided by the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice.

    In the case Mr Cattan was presiding over, a man was on trial for raping a child and other sexual offences against children.

    The Crown Prosecution Service said the case would be relisted as soon as possible, and that the complainants and other witnesses were being kept informed.

    BBC News - Judge 'falls asleep' during child rape case

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    Probably should pinch him to make sure he's still alive.

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    Wouldn't have this problem if they just went ahead with Sharia law. The child would have been dealt with for seducing the adult.

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    It was not at all uncommon for older judges where I practiced to fall asleep after lunch time. They would be sitting straight up, but their eyes would slowly close. If you made a loud or abrupt noise, they would simply open their eyes, as if the had only blinked for . . . a . . . long . . . time. And somehow, if an attorney made an objection, they just opened their eyes and made a proper ruling on it!!

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