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    Police Stage Dramatic Rooftop Rescue.

    South Australian police have ended a standoff of a different kind coaxing a pet goat named Sandra down from the roof of a Port Augusta home.


    Officers were called to the Crichton Drive residence on Saturday afternoon after Sandra - who "was taking the species' reputation for climbing to heart" - became stuck, according to a police statement.
    Initial attempts to lure the adventurous goat back to earth using no less than two different species of grass fell flat.
    After several tense minutes, a make shift ramp and a lasso crafted from an old clothes line, Sandra came down to cheers from police "ne-goat-iators".
    "The life of a country copper is never dull," the statement read.

    Sandra the goat stages roof protest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necron99 View Post
    "The life of a country copper is never dull," the statement read.
    Wicked sense of humour.

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    Can we assume Shane Warne was inside in his pants?

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    is that bettyboos holiday house?

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