THREE people, including a 13-year-old girl, were shot dead and four were injured — two boys critically — before the suspected gunman was found dead in his vehicle, police said.

Jonesboro Police Department’s Sergeant Doug Formon said a man and the girl, 13, were shot dead inside a house in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where it appeared a family was having a party.
Four other people were shot and wounded were taken to hospitals. Sgt Formon said two boys, aged eight and 10, were in a critical condition in a Memphis, Tennessee hospital.
Another was shot dead at a nearby business where he worked. No identities of the victims were provided.

The suspected gunman was later found in the driver’s seat of a vehicle on a highway, dead from a gunshot wound, and the investigation was continuing, Sgt Formon said.
Witnesses reported seeing the vehicle leaving the scene of one of the shootings.
Sgt Formon said police were still trying to determine the motive of the shootings and were investigating “to see if there were any more suspects involved,” but that the man found dead in his car was thought to be the only suspect.
All of the victims were described as Hispanic.

Three shot dead and four injured in Jonesboro, Arkansas |

If this happened on Long Island would all the victims be described as Caucasian?