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    Front landing gear collapses on Florida-bound plane

    Another aviation mishap occurred yesterday in Florida

    Front landing gear collapses on Florida-bound plane

    No major injuries were reported after the collapse

    More than 150 people were evacuated from a US Airways flight after a Florida-bound plane's front landing gear collapsed on a runway.

    Flights were halted at Philadelphia International Airport as those on board exited the plane via inflatable ramps.

    One person asked for medical assistance but no major injuries were reported, airport officials said.

    An airport spokeswoman said the plane was about to take off when the malfunction happened.

    The Airbus 320 was carrying 149 passengers and five crewmembers.

    A passenger, Dennis Fee, told local broadcaster WPVI it was "very windy and when the plane took off, the nose of the plane went back down, hitting the runway".

    "We were airborne, then struck back down by the nose," Mr Fee said.

    The spokeswoman, Victoria Lupica, said all the passengers had been rescheduled on another flight to Fort Lauderdale.

    Three of the four runways were reopened later on Thursday evening

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Lick
    One person asked for medical assistance
    the rest were happy to receive clean underpants.

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