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    Ban Ki-moon Receives a Black Belt

    Ban Ki-moon Receives a Black Belt

    New York United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was awarded with an honorary 10th degree black belt from the World Taekwondo Federation. The federation's president, Choue Chung-wong stated that the highest honor in this martial art form portrayed the common goals and values shared by the United Nations and the Federation.

    "I am delighted to award UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with our prestigious black belt," Choue said. "The black belt is a globally-recognized symbol of expertise across the martial arts and awarding it to the secretary-general represents similarities between the values held by the WTF and the United Nations."

    South Korea's Bank Ki-moon succeeded Kofi Annan for the United Nation's top position in 2007 and will end his second term of office in 2016. He praised the Federation's attempt in achieving peace through sport.

    "The World Taekwondo Federation have many accomplishments to celebrate as they mark their 40th anniversary. They have become a great example of the values and objectives shared by the United Nations and the Olympic Movement," he said.

    Ban Ki-moon Receives a Black Belt | International | Tempo.Co :: Indonesian News Portal

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    So is Black Belt going the same way as British Royal titles. Awarded to politicians and businessman for giving big donations to political parties and connections,plus celebraties and artists. Who is next for an honory Black Belt.?

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    In reply, i awarded myself a black belt only this afternoon when i did a wee bit of shopping in order that my trousers did not fail me and to mainly ensure that i didn't get a mention in the 'around the courts' column of the local rag or possibly Operation Yewtree's 'Jimmy Saville and others' as a result. I would therefore wish to have my relationship with the Black Belt recognised similar to that of B.K.Moon. I wait patiently

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