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    Newtown shooter motivated by Norway massacre: source

    Newtown shooter motivated by Norway massacre: source - Xinhua |

    Newtown shooter motivated by Norway massacre: source
    2013-02-19 13:59:53

    Xinhua File Photo

    BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhuanet) -- Adam Lanza, who killed 26 people in Connecticut of the United States last year, was motivated by a Norwegian mass murderer.

    Police sources told the media Monday that the 20-year old Lanza was obsessed with Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in July 2011.

    Lanza believed that he was in a direct competition with Breivik. He intended to exceed Breivik's death toll. Lanza targeted nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School because it was the "easiest target" with the "largest cluster of people," the source noted.

    On Dec. 14 of last year, Lanza killed his mother before carrying out the shooting rampage. He sprayed two classrooms with bullets and killed 20 first graders and six adults.

    Unlike Breivik, who surrendered, Lanza turned the gun to himself as police closed in.

    Officials have not publicly revealed what led them to the motive, but sources said that Lanza was indulged in playing violent video games.

    The police said they found a "trove" of video games from the basement of Lanza's home, where he would spend countless hours alone in a private gaming room with the windows blacked out, honing his computer shooting skills.

    Police said he used three weapons in shooting massacre, all registered to his mother Nancy Lanza, and shot his mother with a fourth weapon.

    The Connecticut State Police said that the investigation has not finished and that any statements about Lanza's intentions were just speculation.

    (Source: agencies)
    "Slavery is the daughter of darkness; an ignorant people is the blind instrument of its own destruction; ambition and intrigue take advantage of the credulity and inexperience of men who have no political, economic or civil knowledge. They mistake pure illusion for reality, license for freedom, treason for patriotism, vengeance for justice."-Simón Bolívar

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    Latest Press tactics. Used all the time now in the U.K.. Press will not report on a subject,but then it is released abroad,and then the U.K press profess,it was available abroad,so as the story was out,we had to publish.
    These 2 gun crimes are totely unrelated,the first was political,anti Muslim protest and He dressed up as a Policeman.He left a Web page explaining his reasoning.
    Second,We may never know the truth. Just expect more misinformation.

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    Newtown gunman Adam Lanza 'had weapons arsenal'

    Adam Lanza killed his mother at home before driving to the school

    The young man who killed 27 people in a massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, owned an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, court papers show.

    More than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, a bayonet, several swords and knives were among the items found in a search of Adam Lanza's home.

    Details of the searches were publicised after a court seal lapsed on Wednesday.

    The 20-year-old first shot his mother, before killing 26 people at Sandy Hook elementary school in December.

    The mass shooting - which ended when Lanza shot himself - shocked the United States and revived debate over how to curb gun violence.

    President Barack Obama, who called the day of the shootings the worst of his presidency, launched a campaign to tighten gun laws in the wake of the attack.

    On Thursday he stood alongside parents of Newtown's young victims and urged senators to approve gun control measures in votes due next month.

    Mother's gun gift

    Lanza managed to shoot all his victims and kill himself within five minutes of making his way into the school, said state prosecutor Stephen Sedensky, in a statement accompanying Thursday's release of the search warrants.

    The 20 children and six staff members were all killed with a Bushmaster .223-calibre rifle.

    The gun Lanza turned on himself was a Glock 10mm handgun, Mr Sedensky said.

    Lanza also had a loaded 9mm Sig Sauer handgun with him in the school and three 30-round magazines for the rifle.

    Obama: Shame on us if we've forgotten Newtown

    At the scene, investigators found 154 used .223 casings.

    One more weapon - a 12-gauge shotgun with 70 rounds - was discovered in the Honda Civic that Lanza drove to the school.

    Although the description of the gunman in search warrants suggests he was found wearing military-style clothing and a bullet-proof vest, prosecutors said on Wednesday Lanza was not wearing such a vest.

    In the gunman's two-storey family home, investigators found a bayonet, a gun safe in Lanza's bedroom, three samurai swords and about 10 knives, according to search warrants.

    Several guns were retrieved: a .323-calibre Enfield Albian bolt-action rifle, a .22-calibre Savage Mark II rifle, a BB gun and a .22-calibre Volcanic starter pistol, according to the papers.

    The documents showed the gunman's mother, 52-year-old Nancy Lanza, had written a cheque for her son to buy a weapon and placed it in a holiday card.

    NRA certificates

    Police found her body in bed with a fatal gunshot wound to the forehead, and a rifle on the floor nearby.

    Investigators also discovered a news clipping about a 2008 school shooting at Northern Illinois University.

    In that attack a formerly successful student, 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak, killed five people and injured 21 others before turning the gun on himself.

    The Lanza family home in Newtown, Connecticut, pictured in December 2012

    Among the items listed by investigators in the Lanza home were two books, "Look me in the eye: My life with Asperger's" and "Born on a blue day: Inside the extraordinary mind of an autistic savant".

    Friends of the Lanza family had described the gunman as having Asperger's syndrome, which is a form of autism.

    National Rifle Association certificates and a guide to pistol shooting by the gun lobby group, together with a smashed computer hard drive and gaming console were among the other items police found at the home.

    One witness reportedly told police Lanza was a keen gamer who regularly played games, such as Call of Duty, and rarely left his home.

    Some details, such as the name of a witness, telephone numbers and serial numbers, were redacted from the cache of documents.

    The papers were made public at the request of Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, who expressed concern about information that had been leaked to the press.

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    Investigators found three books in the 20-year-old Lanza’s room:
    • “Look Me in the Eye — My Life with Asperger’s,” a 2008 book by Jon Elder Robison
    • “Born on a Blue Day — Inside the Mind of An Autistic Savant,” a 2007 book by Daniel Tammet
    • And an “NRA guide to the basics of pistol shooting.”
    Investigators also discovered a blue folder in Lanza’s room entitled “Guns,” which contained a littany of paperwork and receipts, according to the documents.
    They also found an NRA certificate, and an arsenal of guns and ammunition. Part of that list is below, via The News Times (Danbury, Conn.) reporter Libor Jany:

    Investigators Found Books On Autism And The NRA At The Home Of The Newtown Shooter | Business Insider Australia

    The NRA's guide to handgun safety and shooting
    • The NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting is a full-color handbook that guides users how to use revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.
    • It is regarded as a student text for the associations Basic Pistol Shooting Course and provides details on pistol parts and operation, ammunition, pistol safety, cleaning and safety.
    • It also shows in pictoral form how to fire a gun in a safe position and how to improve shooting skills
    • The NRA denies Lanza was a member

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Lick
    One more weapon - a 12-gauge shotgun with 70 rounds - was discovered in the Honda Civic that Lanza drove to the school.
    How about that semi automatic shotguns.....

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    "Shame on us if we've forgotten," Obama said

    yep shame on you , that IS who you are

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