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    Japan Olympic judo champion jailed for raping student

    Japan's two-time Olympic judo gold medallist Masato Uchishiba has been jailed for five years for raping a student he had been coaching.

    Uchishiba had maintained that sex with the teenager in 2011 was consensual, but the court in Tokyo ruled he had assaulted her while she was asleep.

    Uchishiba brought gold medals home from the Athens and Beijing Games, and was feted as a national hero.

    Prosecutors said he assaulted the woman after he had been out drinking with her and other members of the women's judo team at the Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare.

    The judge ruled that his argument the woman willingly had sex with him could not be trusted, as she was almost unconscious because of alcohol

    BBC News - Japan Olympic judo champion jailed for raping student

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    Already reported, Looper...

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