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    CIA able to keep its secrets on budgets, bad apples

    From contract fraud and false billing to nepotism and possession of child pornography, wide-ranging accusations of misconduct have surfaced at agencies all across the federal government — even, it turns out, inside the nation’s revered spy agency.
    But unlike almost all of its federal counterparts, the Central Intelligence Agency’s office of inspector general provides no information to the public about the results of its work investigating accusations of misbehaving employees and contractors.
    Yet nearly 200 pages of heavily redacted, previously undisclosed CIA documents obtained by The Washington Times through the Freedom of Information Act provide a window into just some of the watchdog’s recent activities.
    During an 18-month span from July 2010 to December 2011, for instance, the office closed at least a half-dozen cases involving “nonaccredited degrees.” Among dozens of other cases, the office also closed three probes stemming from accusations of nepotism and two others involving child pornography, records show.

    Read more: CIA able to keep its secrets on budgets, bad apples - Washington Times CIA able to keep its secrets on budgets, bad apples - Washington Times
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus Jones
    the nation’s revered spy agency
    Revered by whom? The security professionals I've met do not revere the CIA much at all- the FBI, for example, is considered a much more professional and effective agency. Senior ICAC professionals in HK were much more willing to work with an FBI (or ATF etc) team than they were with the stuffed shirts of the CIA.

    If I were part of some mythical effort to rationalise and make more effective the plethora of US security services, I suspect I would eliminate the CIA entirely and divide it's mandate between MI, the FBI etc. It is too much it's own fiefdom- and when this extends to drug smuggling &/or provide protection and impunity for drug barons, it hardly melds with the stated aims of the USA and it's government. Too often it is at odds with other vital government agencies, or operating without their knowledge or consent- be that the Presidential office, Pentagon or State dept. A loose cannon.
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