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    US rapist seeking visitation rights to child

    US rapist seeking visitation rights to child
    Alys Francis
    Thu Sep 27 2012

    A US man who pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl that he met at church is now seeking visitation rights so he can see the child she gave birth to.

    The rapist, who has not been identified, was sentenced to 16 years probation in Massachusetts in 2011 after pleading guilty to four counts of statutory rape, My Fox Boston reports.

    When the rapist was sentenced prosecutors initially sought a jail term but he received probation as part of a deal in which he agreed to acknowledge he was the baby's father and follow family court rules.

    The move meant he had to pay child support but it also gave him the right to seek visitation rights through the family court.

    Now the victim is trying to have the sentencing conditions amended so that he pays "restitution" instead of child support, which would prevent him seeking access.

    The teen mother, who now suffers severe anxiety and depression, said she was terrified at the thought of having to face her rapist, who was 20 years old at the time of the incident, to arrange visitation rights.

    "He threatened me, he told me that he could make my life upside down," the victim said of the attack, which took place when she was in year eight.

    The victim's attorney Wendy Murphy, who filed the motion to have the sentence amended on August 1, said judge's initial ruling was "way past irony".

    "What was the criminal court judge thinking by punishing the man with the privilege of parental rights?" Ms Murphy asked.

    Ms Murphy said that by giving the rapist access to family court gave him the right to have a say in the child's education, where they live and their religious beliefs.

    The rapist's lawyer did not comment on his client seeking visitation rights but said the relationship with the teenage girl had been consensual to begin with.

    Sources: My Fox Boston

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    In this human rights gone mad world, it wouldn't surprise me if his wish was granted. They met in a church. How very apt.

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    pretty horrendous thoughts she must be having about now, although why she didn't abort I have no idea.

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