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    Big Brother or peeping tom? UK installs CCTV in school bathrooms, changing rooms

    Over 200 UK state schools have installed cameras in bathrooms and changing rooms to monitor students, a recent surveillance survey reported. British parents will likely be shocked by the study’s findings.
    The survey is based on a freedom of information request conducted by Big Brother Watch, an anti-surveillance activist group. The group said they were shaken by the results, which was much higher and more extensive than expected.
    The report "will come as a shock to many parents", Nick Pickles, Director of Big Brother Watch said. "Schools need to come clean about why they are using these cameras and what is happening to the footage”.
    - 47,806 cameras used in 2,107 schools
    - 207 schools have 825 cameras in changing rooms and bathrooms
    - 90% of schools use CCTV cameras
    - 54 UK schools have 1 camera or more per 15 pupils
    - 106,710 CCTV cameras estimated in high schools and academies in England, Scotland and Wales
    A total of 825 cameras were installed in the bathrooms and changing rooms of 207 different schools across England, Scotland and Wales, according to data provided by more than 2,000 schools.
    It remains unclear where in the bathrooms and changing rooms the cameras are located, who watches the footage and whether any pupils were recorded while changing.
    The principal of the Wildern School in southern England, however, said that the cameras in her school – one per bathroom – are located "nowhere near the toilet cubicles."
    "The images are not looked at unless there has been a reported problem and all images are deleted after a maximum of 30 days," she said.
    Video recording in toilets or changing rooms is legal, but recommended only for exceptional circumstances, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) reported. The ICO is an independent authority in the UK, whose duties include promoting privacy.
    Research also showed that the extent of CCTV use varied widely from school to school. “With some schools seeing a ratio of one camera for every five pupils,” the report said. “CCTV appears to be used as a quick fix to much more complex problems and issues that simply cannot be solved with passive surveillance.”
    Big Brother or peeping tom? UK installs CCTV in school bathrooms, changing rooms — RT
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    The UK has more cameras per capita than anywhere else in the world. They are everywhere these days. They even now come with microphones which can be used to listen to what you are saying and some even have speakers so big brother can tell you they are watching. Have they as they were promised cut crime ?
    Crime runs rampant throughout the country and they will have the same useless effect in schools where the pupils will simply ignore them.
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    CCTV companies doing well though

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