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    in t' naughty lass

    Top German paper takes topless women off front page

    (Reuters) - Germany's best-selling daily has decided to remove its trademark pictures of topless women from the front page in a gesture towards complaining readers, the paper said on Friday.
    Bild, which sells about 4 million copies a day, will now carry the images on page three instead, a format favored by British tabloids.
    "It is perhaps a small step from a female perspective, but for Bild and all men in Germany it is a big step," Bild said in an article.
    source: Top German paper takes topless women off front page | Reuters

    Here's an example:

    source: Newspaper Bild (Germany). Front pages from newspapers in Germany. Wednesday's edition, August 18 of 2010.

    Pretty tame really, for such a prestigious academic journal for the advancement of gynacological research.

    It's official - German breasts are getting bigger!

    Human bodies are in a constant state of change, and for decades people have been getting taller and fatter.
    And that means that boobs are growing in size as well! explains how the body evolves, and the consequences that can have on health.

    A hundred years ago, the average German was 157 cm tall – but that figure has now reached 165.
    The shape of the body has changed as well – the average girl is no longer dainty, petit or curvy as a century ago, or has an hourglass figures like Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s.
    Waist and hip sizes are going up along with breasts.

    But why are women’s boobs getting larger?
    Chest measurements grow in direct proportion to average weight. Since there is a large percentage of fat tissue in breasts it is inevitable they grow along with added weight gain.
    Hormone pills – such as those used with menopause – cause breasts to grow due to the higher concentration of oestrogen.
    It is still inconclusive as to whether or not a larger bust leads to an increased risk of breast cancer, although research is ongoing.

    Why is average weight increasing?
    Although the number of calories in our daily food in the past decades is relatively constant, the composition has changed. Today we consume a greater amount of unhealthy, saturated fats and sugars for, according to nutrition expert Sven David Mueller.
    A woman’s diet 60 years ago consisted mainly of vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

    And people had more exercise back then as well. There was more housework, and getting around tended to be on foot or by bicycle.
    The poor diet and lack of movement have triggered the ever-growing waistline. Fat deposits around organs in the abdomen are strengthened.
    It isn’t just a superficial problem either – studies have found that a larger waistline increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.
    source: German breasts getting bigger its official - Human bodies becoming taller fatter - News -

    we are all figments of our own imagination.

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