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TeakDoor Criminal Records 2017

The page for listing all the nasty evil TeakDoor criminals and their evil crimes and the sentences imposed on them.
Yes, TeakDoor like the CIA has a secret jail, this can be seen here, but I doubt you have enough posts, we call it the "The Dog House" and this is where we jail the morons.

If you are jailed you will still be able to surf the forum as per normal, but, you will only be able to post in the "The Dog House", you will only be able to make 5 posts per day, and only be able to start one thread per day, posts in there cannot be edited, posts moved from other parts of the forum will be given a new title by the moderator that moves it, probably something nasty and derogatory towards yourself, we will only allow at most 20 threads in there so older threads will get hard deleted from the database, posts in there do not get added to your post count.

Anyone caught multinicking will have old nick jailed and the new one set to 'Gone' (unable to post anywhere on the forum)
Similar looking nicks will be changed for a more suitable one.

If you are wondering why you are in jail then our TeakDoor Secrets page may help you in understanding the reason.

To get released you must apply for parole on or after your parole date and show that you have mended your ways and it is safe to let you post on the main forum again.
To apply for parole contact the mods on
Don't forget to mention your TD handle and use your registered email address .
Please keep it sensible and explain why you think you should be released.
Don't waste your time saying why you shouldn't have been jailed.
Release will be at the discretion of the moderating team and may be conditional.
Please ensure you cell is left clean and tidy and slop out before you leave.

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Below is a list of TeakDoor convicts for 2017

Offense: Abuse of repo system
Date: 15. Jan. 2017
Eligible to Apply for Parole: 22. Jan. 2017

Mr Earl
Offense: Repeatedly posting porn
Date: 22. May 2017
Eligible to Apply for Parole: 22. June 2017

Offense: Stalking
Date: 28. June 2017
Eligible to Apply for Parole: 12. July 2017

Offense: Blasphemy
Date: 29. June 2017
Eligible to Apply for Parole: Never

Offense: Multinicking
Date: 29. June 2017
Eligible to Apply for Parole: 30. June 2017

Mr Earl
Offense: Reposting binned posts
Date: 30. August 2017
Eligible to Apply for Parole: 6. September 2017

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