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Internet Scams on Instant Messenger - Advance Fee Fraud

Warning, if you have come to this page from any other link other than this one internet scams this is to warn you that the following is just an internet scam, you will not get money out of it, you will not get any great deals, infact you will just lose your money if you deal with these scammers and internet con men.

Instant Messenger and Skype Scammers

Fred Mensah: My name is Fred Mensah, the Personnel Manager of an Insurance company here in Ghana, West Africa.

It will interest you to know that I am contacting you for an urgent proposal which will benefit you and your country.

A Lady from your country who is a gold investor here in Ghana insured some valuable items with our Insurance Company about 4-years ago, the Lady died 2-years ago and now all effort to contact any of her relatives or family members prove abortive.

The Lady deposited 2-boxes of consignment with the Ghana Airport Security Warehouse, which she wanted to move out of Ghana to her home country before she died.

The 2-consignment boxes that were insured with our company contained USD$45M and 25kg of Gold, which presently is with the Ghana Airport Security Warehouse ready for delivery to the Lady or her family members of relatives.

As her insurance officer i have the full authority to present you as her relative, family member or next of kin to the Ghana Airport Security Warehouse so that the 2-consignment boxes will be delivered to you there in your country without delay.

It will be a wasted struggle for this Lady if no body from your country stands on her behalf as her next of kin to receive her 2-consignment boxes from the Ghana Airport Security Warehouse because the Government of Ghana will secretly convert her 2-consignment boxes to Government property which will be a great lost to your country.

All i need from you is total sincerity and honesty so that we can achieve this goal on her behalf, then you can invest this valuable in your country economy on her behalf instead of losing it to the Ghana Government.

After you receive this consignment boxes, on your wish you can offer me 20% of the total valuables for my assistance and help to recover the consignment valuables back to your country on behalf of the Lady.

I will give you more information and details about the Lady and her consignment when you respond to be INTERESTED in helping her recover her consignment valuables.

Reply to my email for more information: Morocco Rabat-Sale POP-Soekarno-ADSL