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A Pattaya Romance

I never dreamed That I would travel to Thailand or anywhere in Asia for that matter. I live in the U.S. and the farthest I had ever been was Mexico. I never even thought to get a passport.

I moved to Florida about 6 years ago from Massachusetts and I met a Guy that had been going to Thailand for about 10 years. He would talk about Thailand constantly everytime I saw him. I thought he was crazy spending all that money to travel 1/2 way around the world for what? Well it took him about a year to finally wear me down and get me to go. He got some of my other friends to go and when they came back they were just like him. Thailand was all they talked about. So I guessed there must be something to it.

So I went to Thailand the 1st time in October of 2007. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I had never dreamed someplace like this could exist. It was a single guys Disney Land. I was only there about 10 days but what a 10 days it was. Like most falangs I spent the whole time in Pattaya mainly Walking street. I had my fill of everything. I think I might have cried a little when it was time to go home.

As soon as I got home I was planning the next trip over. When I got home everything seemed different to me. Falang girls didnt do it for me anymore. My friends had to drag me to strip clubs where I would just sit there bored out of my mind. Even the strippers noticed. I tried to explain it to everybody but as I am sure you all know you cant. Now all I wanted to talk about was Thailand. My friends thought I was the crazy one now.

It took 6 months to go back. A very looooong 6 months. Went back in May 2008 for 13 days this time. Pattaya was just as I had remembered....Crazy. Had a lot of fun the first 4 days/ 4 girls. On the 5th day I met HER the girl that changed everything. Started out innocently enough. My friend and I were out barhopping looking for some cuties and my buddy sees a girl that catches his eye. He was an expert at picking out the hotties. So we go over and start the nightly routine. He points out this other girl to me and we start talking. Turns out the girl my friend wanted owned the bar and was married and my girl was her cousin.

So we started to do the bar girl dance....Whats your name, Where are you from, How old are you, etc. I find out she really doesnt want to go with me. She just went through a bad breakup. She was ready to go to England with this guy and he screwed her over. Her cousin talked her into going with me thought it would be good for her.

Little did I know this choice would change both our lives forever.

So I took her for the night. She didnt seem all that experienced in the bedroom but she seemed nice. The morning came I paid her and sent her on her way with the obligitory I will see you again tonight. Well ended up hitting walking street again that night. Walked around all night didnt find anything I liked and found myself back at her cousins bar. She was there of course waiting. I paid her barfine and we got good and drunk. Had a better time the 2nd night.

The next morning I was going with my friends to play some golf. I told her I would be back around 3:00 pm and she could hang out in the hotel room if she wanted and I would see her later.

This would end up being the point of no return.


I spent the rest of my holiday with her and had a great time. I told her I would be back as soon as I could. She ended up going back home a week or so after I left. Not for me but because her mother was pissed off at her for going to Pattaya and she would'nt let her talk to her daughter over the phone.

I kept in touch with her until I returned 4 months later. I never sent her any money. She never asked. No sick Buffalos, kids, parents, etc. I kept looking for some telltale sign That she was lieing to me but I couldn't find anything.

I went back August 2007 stayed 2 weeks. She met me at the condo I was staying at when I got in. She wasn't working anymore. We just had a good time. I met her family they are good people. They are pretty well off. They have quite a bit of farm land rice and Tapocia. The house is pretty big but old needs some work. Her dad dont drink which I have never heard of with Thai men. They never asked anything of me.

We ended up going to Bangkok to get a Fiancee visa. She didnt want to do it really. I went back home from Bangkok. She went back home also.

I visited her again in January 2008. She picked me up at the airport along with her mom. We spent most of the time at her house outside Korat. She showed me the real Thailand and I loved it. We spent some time in Korat city which is a real Thai city totally different than the tourist cities.

She got her visa in May 2008. I went to pick her up. She was sad to leave her home but excited to see Saharat/America. Took her awhile to get comfortable in the US it was very lonely for her. We got married in Florida on July 15, 2008.

She got a job at a Thai resturant about 6 months after she got here. She sends some of her own money back home for her family to help out. We are doing great! Married almost 1 year. We just got back from Thailand a couple of weeks ago. Spent the whole time in the village. Had a great time I could go native very easily. She hadn't seen her family in a year and she wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. We are trying to save enough money to move to Thailand in a couple of years I hope we can do it.

I found a good one. They do exist. She is not a whore she is my wife.
She takes care of me and I am truely a happy Man.

I guess it wasn't that short after all.

About me:

34 years old
living in Florida
Married 1 year

About her:

31 years old
2 beautiful Daughters
Working 6 months
living in Florida with me!

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