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Thailand Motorbike Accidents and Hospitals

Farangs in Thai Hospitals isn't a nice subject, ie foreigners in Thailands Government Hospitals, but it does happen, in-fact quite often, so lets get down to the nitty gritty of it all.

There is no free health care for farangs in Thailand, you want medical care you have to be able to pay for it, either you, your insurance, or someone else who is willing to pay for you, if you have no money they will probably stabilise you, but then they will want you out of their hospital, it comes down to money, not social conscience, morals or anything else.

Lets start with the motorbike and insurance, your holiday insurance will generally have in small print that you are not covered for accidents if you are driving a motorbike, it really is that simple, they will not pay out for your motor bike accident regardless of whether it is your fault, Gods fault, or a Soi dogs fault.

Some insurances may allow motorbike riding, but read the small print, have you got a valid motorbike license for Thailand? Were you wearing a crash helmet? Were you over the drink driving limit for Thailand? All these will invalidate your insurance, also engine size may play apart on invalidating your insurance, remember, insurance companies want to make a profit, paying out for your hospital bill doesn't help their bottom line, if they can get out of paying your claim legally they will take that option, your insurance company is not a charitable organisation, it is a business and has to make a profit.

So there you are slowly coming round in a strange place, aches and pains all over, you wonder what happened, you have vague memories of your motorbike skidding, you wonder how badly damaged you are, you find you can't move your arms or legs, yep, it's the worst that can happen, your crippled for life, a paraplegic, for the rest of your life you will need someone to help you with even the basics of life, from going to the toilet to drinking a glass of water, but wait, it's your lucky day, you notice that you have been tied down, arms and legs, welcome to a Thai Government Hospital, this is quite normal in the Government Hospitals, ie being tied down, for farangs that is, obviously not nice to wake up to, but the nurses don't know how you will respond on coming round, so they tie you down, Welcome To Hell.

In our Thailand News Forum you will find many reports of farangs having motorbike accidents and not having insurance or enough money, luckily most make it back and recover, some get medevaced to there home country, sadly some die here.

Thai Coffins
A Thai Funeral

Now another thing to remember, if your embassy is like the Embassy for the UK they aren't going to be much help, they will make phone calls for you, and will allow your friends and family to transfer money to them to give to you, and that's about it, they won't pay your medical care, in-fact they won't do anything apart from the basic phone calls and hold money for you, not there money I might add, they will not loan money for flights, they may loan you a few 100baht to buy food but that would most likely be a personal loan, so if your expecting the embassy staff to rush in and save you you will most likely die before that happens, so don't even waste time exploring that route, it's been done to death.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Thailand

A couple of injured farang motorbike riders and their stories. (First Day on Phuket: Tourist Plunges to Death in Beach Road Ditch) (Urgent Blood Call for Phuket Motorcycle Smash Victim). Sadly both died.

For what happens next your best on following the news forum, most weeks there is a farang involved in a serious motorbike accident, he then, or his family then find his insurance is invalid or he didn't have insurance, then it becomes a mad rush to get him money before they throw him out of hospital, often the family doesn't have money so they start appeals on facebook etc, obviously if it is Billy Nomates who has had an accident he may not survive due to the bills not being paid and him being kicked out of hospital.

A few things not to be suprised at in Thai Hospitals, lizards, they are every where and don't bite, just because there is a lizard on the wall does not mean the place is dirty, or any more dirty than say a UK hospital.

The food, fish heads and rice come to mind, if your not into bland boring Thai food then your not going to enjoy this, most dishes are rice based and are the blandest of the blandest food available.

Suprisingly the nurses speak Thai, yes you may expect them to be able to speak English, but how many Thai speaking nurses are employed in UK hospitals? No, Not many.

You will find that the Thai nurses keep trying to cover your feet with the sheets or blanket, yes it maybe 110 degrees and your sweating like a pig, but your feet are culturally ugly, they are dirty, yes they are, so go with the flow, and keep your top on also, you aint at the beach now and may never be again, so chin up and soldier on Dear Chap