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The Mexico Sex Tour

A Canadian and a couple of Americans decide to go on a sex tour of Mexico so fly into Puerto Vallarta.

The Questions

Mexico, what is it like ? Flying there tommorow

I am going there tomorrow for a piss up with a couple friends.

Any fast women around ?

any ladyboys ?

can you rent shit on the cheap ?

beaches ?

I have a feeling that its going to be quite disappointing compared to Thailand but whatever, my friends could not fly through the US until they get their pardons figured out. I would rather have went to Asia.

The Sex Tourists Arrive in Mexico

I just got here, it is kind of a dump. The women come it all different shapes and sizes. There was some friendy ones at this bar we went to. I was having a good time with them but they are really conservative. We where the only whites guys there. (only 2 of us here because the one fucking moron missed the plane, he bought another ticket and is flying in today) He thinks its my fault cuz i left without him, fucking idiot.

View from the hotel

There was this other group of chicks I was talking up and later, the bouncer told me that those chicks where there with a group of bad guys. He said just to stay away from them or one of the guys might get pissed off. Not really a friendly situation IMO.

View from the hotel

Drink prices are good, cheaper then Thailand. I was talking to this tourist guide for a bit, I asked him about whores. He knew some so he gave them a call and I met up with 2 of them. they where older, the one looked like shit but the other one was decent, seemed friendly, she said $70 for a fuck. they wanted to go party with us but we didnt want to buy them drinks all night so I just took her number. I might give her a whirl later in the trip.

Like I said the women are quite conservative, abortion is illegal in this country, like holy fuck.

Our First Night in Mexico

Last night we where partying with these american pricks. One guy wanted to buy some XTC off this mexican that we where also patying with. we where all drunk having a good time but the yank went to get some xtc with the mexican.(i dont do that shit) the yank gave the mexican the money and he just ran off with it. $200. I guess he thought he built some trust with the mexican. haha

While we where waiting for the yank these two chicks came and sat with us at the beach. They where hot but they coudnt speak any english so I just made out with the one for a minute and then they just left. when the yank came back he was totallly pessed off, kicking and screaming mad. he was walking to the bar with us and he kicked a grabage can over and then these cops came out from nowhere and threw him aghainst a wall. they searched him and told him tp calm down and then they let him go. the yank wanted to find the mexican and beat him up but i wanted none of that shit, not here. that is the worst thing to do, start fighting with these locals. a good way of getting killed.

We went to a few bars, we where all just way piss drunk. Then we left and where walking home and 2 tall hot ladyboys walked around the corner. they where high end ladyboys, big fake tits and everything. I was hitting it off with the hotter one and i cut a deal. she said usually she charges 500 pasos but i neged down to 300. Not a bad price but i was so drunk that there was no way i was in the mood. i took her phone number, might give them a call later.

The yank was so pissed that he was telling any taxis that asked us for a ride to fuck off and die. it was crazy walking around with this fool.

Never a dull moment.

I am not sure if this forum has a trip report section. If it does then this post could be moved there. I will give some updates, i like to read other peoples trip reports so i figure i will write one too.

The 2nd Day

It pisses rain here every night, kinda shitty. The storms dont just blow over after an hour like Thailand. It will piss for 4 hours strait or all night. We where walking through the rain with our shirts off to keep them dry and this mexican yelled WHITE FAGS at us out of a passing bus. The roads and buses here are a total joke, makes Thailand look like New York.

We were just drinking at the beach under this big tent thing yestarday. these fat gross mexican chicks walked by in the pissing rain, we invited them over for a drink but they wimped out. We are way out of their league. the bars where empty last night, one had some people. We just drank there. there is no beer available over 4.5 percent, its all light ass shit. It tastes alright and you can drink 20 of them without blacking out. The yank probably drank 25 beers yesterday, i didnt drink that much but it was allot. He met some bitch on the plane, apparently she just texted him and we are going to go meet up with her and her friends today.

our friends

The guys im with dont like this place, im not too impressed either. There seems to be no over capacity for services here. There is no 711s, just these OXXO marts that dont have ver much shit. it took 20 minuts just to find a place to get a haircut. there is one mcdonalds. The scooters here are junk, no comparison to Thailand. There is hardly any around to rent.Not much internet cafes, the ones there are have shitty computers. I cant believe how fucked the roads are. The people drive like wimps compared to Asia but that is party because every road is full of foot deep pot holes.

Time for Sexy Time

I need to clear something up, I am Canadian.

Just when I thought this trip could not get any weirder..... We went to eat at this restaurant with the bitch and her friend that the yank met on the plane and it turns out that the bitch is an American ladyboy from Portland. As I met them and we where talking, I noticed her voice was low but she really does look like an average mid 30s white chick. But as the evening went on I noticed that her arms looked long and weird. Then in clicked, I knew 100% that she was a ladyboy. the ladyboys friend was this hot blonde bitch.

My buddy made a gay joke at the table and I used the word "fags" and I stepped in and tried to shut him up. When I realized the joke was on us I started asking her questions to kinda make the LB realize that the joke was not on me anymore. I asked if she knew where any gay bars where around, I asked if she went to San Francisco allot. I got a chance to talk to my friends as we left and went with them to the bar. My buddy was suspect that the one was an LB but the yank was in total denial. The joke was on him. He just thinks she is some bodybuilder chick that does steroids, thats his explanation. The LB and her friend what to hang out again in a couple days. There was still no formal aknowledgement that the one chick was an LB. I think they both know that I know and they know that the yank doesn't know.

I took the oppurtunity to take pictures of these chicks, I will post them when I get home. When we went to the bar me and my buddy started talking about gay stuff just to get a reaction, then I told my buddy that i wanted to go meet up with those trannys we met the other day. The white chick pipes up and says "we are not trannys !" haha dead give away, as if we thought the blonde was an LB. I hated the blonde bitch too, she claims she is a lawyer. Maybe she is but she was just the kind of woman that I cant stand. White career lawyer bitches. I ignored her all night but my buddy was chatting her up allot, he can take her. They ended up going home and my pals where tired. I didnt feel like going to bed because it was early. I called up that prostitute I met the first night (not a ladyboy) and got another room. I spent a couple hours with her. It was about $200. She played along good, it was money well spent.

Thoughts on Mexico

I not too impressed with this place. We specifically went to a club in land away from the tourist area. The men are totally protective of their women, even if they are not dating them. That was the place where the bouncer told me to stop dancing with a certain group of women, because the guys in the corner were getting pissed off at me. The people are not that friendly, its no comparison to Thai people or Asians in general. Most taxis and shops have no air con, I am sweating my dick off right now. I have been called "white fag" 2 times now, the police have stopped and frisked us like 5 times now for no reason. This young taxi driver got all pissed off at us because he thought we answered his question rudely. I had to calm my friends down and defuse the situation.

It pisses me off that people think I am just a typical resort tourist. I can count on one hand, the amount of white people we see in a day. And we are getting around. This on info place told us not to go to a certain area because of the drug wars, like fuck.

If you like it fine, but i dont and any North American that thinks they can go to mexico instead of Asia to save a few bucks on air fare will be disappointed.

Another Day in Mexico

Anyway, not much happened yesterday. The rain has calmed down. We went to a hi-so peeler bar. All the women where hot as fuck. There was a $20 cover with a free lap dance.(you get this ticket that you give to a girl) Drinks where stupid money.

This one hotty came and sat on my friends lap. I seen this other chick coming towards me. She didnt look as good as the others so i was hoping she would walk past. She sits with me, she was really cute. I started talking with her and then i put my cold beer under her armpit just to piss her off. It worked, then i started tickling her, that pissed her off too. She stayed for a few minutes, she made me hard and started grabbing my dick and then asked if she could be my lap dance girl. I said I would think about it. Then she left.

We where going to leave because we didnt want to spend too much. I motioned that chick over to give me a lap dance. She stuck her tits in my face and made grinded her nice big ass around, it was allright. I asked how much for a fuck, she said $270 but i countered with $250. She agreed but i didnt feel like it. i told her i might see her again.

Typical western over-priced dick tease bullshit.

Funny how some of the women here are poorer then the average Thai girl (waitresses make fuck all nothing) and mexican guys are dickheads yet the women dont put out much. Just goes to show that sex is just not as big of deal in Thailand and its not just because they are poor.

Another Day in Paradise

I went looking for a pool to hang out in because our hotel didnt have one. I checked the first place we roomed at and it had a day pass for $45. That included 3 meals and all you could drink for the day, sounded a little rich to me so I kept walking. The person working there was a ladyboy. I specially went there to show the guys because they didnt believe me. Quite young but we all concluded that it was a ladyboy( even the yank that still doesnt believe that his "friend" is a ladyboy).

The next hotel I checked out had a day pass for $22, all you can drink and 2 buffets but the pool closed at 6:00. We went with it and got the permission to stay till 10:00. Needless to say, we get there, guzzle a couple drinks and then had the lunch buffet. The food was not great but good enough for the price. Like usual, we where almost the only white folk there.After lunch, we went in the pool and drank all day. We probably had ten drinks each befor supper. Then we ate supper and drank even more. We must have had 15 to 20 drinks each while we where there. I started drinking White Russians but switched to beer mid way through. Beer in Mexico doesnt exceed 4.5% so you can drink like hell without getting too fucked up, we could all walk fine. We went back to our hotel and showered up and went out.

We went down to the same place again for starters. It was called Mandellas. As we sat down I noticed that blond from the other night walk by, then the LB walked by. The LB noticed me and just said hi. They told one of us on the phone earlier that they where not going out that night. When i told the yank they where here, he got kinda pissed off because they bullshitted him. I figured this might clue him in.

We went to this other place and the yank ended up getting into the upstairs part. Me and the other guy met up with a couple chicks from mexico city. they where just on holidays. I danced, talked and made out with her, had a good time but she left after a while. I dont know how or why somebody let the other asshole into the upstairs part but they had free drinks there. Needless to say, he drank till he puked all over himself. By the end of the night he was walking around with no shirt on. Me and the other guy called it a night and went home. There was no sign of the third prick until 9:00 in the morning. He stumbled in all with no shirt and all covered in sand. Apparently he passed out on the beach last night. His credit card also happened to be missing. He was still drunk so we had to convince him to call in his missing card. I was sure getting sick of this assholes bullshit.

Just in case anyone didnt believe some of the stories about the guy known as the yank, I have a short video of him in action. This was just after he got ripped off of 200 bucks by somebody. He was raging and drunk, he tried to pick up a rock and drop it on a garden light. Notice that he gets lit up by a security guards flashlight ? Then he tries to run and the cops stop him shortly. This guy is a jackass