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Traditional Lao Musical Instruments

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If you want to learn about Thai music then you will like this page on LukTung, or for modern Lao music videos visit here.

Time and Date in Lao

Lao has quite a few traditional musical instruments which after the conquest of Lao in 1828 by the Siamese and the dispertion of Lao nationals into what is now known as Isaan in Thailand also became popular in Siam.
In 1865 King Mongkut banned Lao musical performances as they were becoming too popular and he believed it may have been causing less rainfall in the areas it was popular.

These days Lao folk music or Morlam is popular all over Thailand and especially Isaan.

The Khene is the most famous of these instruments, it is a type of mouth organ made from bamboo and can be bought just about anywhere in Thailand or Lao, other popular traditional instruments include bamboo flutes "khui" and "khui lip," and two stringed fiddles made using a coconut shell.

In both Thailand and Lao you will see many blind people playing the Khene especially in the Thai and Lao food markets in the hope of getting some money or food, donate if you can, it doesn't need to be a lot as the national average salary in these countries is less than $5 perday.

Khene - Lessson 1
Khene - Lesson 2 - Lumpoothai part 1

Laotian Soul Khene

Khene / Khaen

Ang-Ka-Lung for Beginners

Ang-Ka-Lung for Beginners