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Khao Lak - เขาหลัก

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Experience Sun, Sea and Golden Sands at Khao Lak

Author: John Nathaniel

Would you want to spend the days of your vacation relaxing on the gorgeous beaches of one of Thailand's popular seaside resorts at Khao Lak? Well, one's got to be in luck to get the opportunity to soak in the morning rays of the sun and spend your days aimlessly wandering through the streets of this city.

Khao Lak boasts of so many places to see and things to do that one cannot spend enough days to cover everything that this beautiful place has to offer. It is a major holiday spot for all the locals and tourists from all over the world. Khao Lak offers the ambience of a deserted island with all the lovely pristine beaches it has to offer. It is the perfect place for you to hit those unfurling waves, take a sneak peek at the scurrying crabs on the beaches and gaze into starlit skies with the balmy breeze washing your face. Being a tourist's paradise of beaches, some of the popular beaches of Khao Lak are the Khao Lak, Nang Thong Beach and the Khuk Khak Beach.

Khao Lak offers a Great Getaway

The Similian Islands is an archipelago of 9 little islands close to Khao Lak. Diving is one of the popular activities of the island which is teamed with colorful corals, beautiful marine life and clear pristine waters. These are now a part of a national marine park and are known for the tropical fish they house. The Surin Islands, also located close to the Khao Lak islands, are thronged with visitors for activities like snorkeling and hiking. Surrounded by huge rocks, boulders and thin woods, they offer a panoramic view of the islands.

Khao Lak is surrounded by huge mountains that are part of the Khao Lak National Park and are dotted with various cascades and bigger waterfalls. The Pakweep Waterfall offers a charming spot for all the trekkers and picnic goers to give their tired soles some rest and enjoy time with family and friends while admiring the natural beauty of the falls. The Ton Chong Fa Waterfall serves as a giant swimming pool for all the divers surrounded and shaded by huge trees. The Khao Lak or the Lamru National Park offers a vast range of choices to all the Nature lovers and inhabits some of the most exotic and amazing wildlife and plants. offers great deals on the hotels in Khao Lak with reasonable and affordable tariffs.

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