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Time for a virtual tour of Thappraya Road, this is the road that leads from Pattaya to Jomtien, this where the rich elite of the farangs come for fine dinning, fine wines and high end living, plus I live here aswell, a lot of the restaurants here do have a formal dress code and the likes of me wearing a bum bag and flip flops would not be allowed in, infact even if I did dress up I still probably wouldn't be allowed in, don't want to go in anyway as they are a touch expensive, anyway we shall start at the Hanuman Statue again but this time walking the opposite way, probably take me a couple of days to finish this as Thappraya road is about 3kms long and the weather has got hot again, the baht bus fare from Pattaya to Jomtien is just 10baht.

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You can view a map of Jomtien here and Pattaya here.

So lets see what Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Guest Houses they have to offer between Pattaya and Jomtien.

So we have a lion, this is at the Asian Sense Shop, they sell bronze statues and other arty type things, I believe the lion is for sale at about 80,000baht, it was 80 or 180,000baht, long time ago I did ask, obviously to decorate your driveway it would probably be best to get a matching pair, you can visit their website at
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Asian Sense Co.,Ltd. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Just before this is the Orchid Money Restaurant and Bar, this place is so gay even the gays don't go there, the male waiters are dressed up in white shorts and white singlets, not the sort of thing you want while eating your dinner. *Edit* This restaurant has now closed, August 2007

Linda's Pizza restaurant is next, this has indoor air con and outdoor seating and is packed every evening serving Pizza, Pasta and Spaghetti, next door in this picture is the Russian restaurant, infact there is another Russian Restaurant next to this one, these are generally empty therefor proving beyond doubt that people prefer Italian food, although Linda I believe is from Norway originally.

View Talay Condo is next, they are living proof that people are quite willing to live in 32 square meter rooms, they have made about 8 of these condos so far, 1,000s of people living in the same building sounds like a nightmare to me but they do sell really quick.

Here they also have a German Restaurant called Cafe Schuggeli, have to admit I have never tried that one.

Looking across the road we can see Jomtien Plaza with its great selection of restaurants, bars plus a few short time bars, the Talay Jomtien Guest House is also here and rooms are 850baht per night.

Bit of a walk now to get to anything of interest but it is worth it, The Continental Coffee Shop, now this young lady started with a little 9 seater restaurant bakery type place a few years ago, roast beef and other rolls and sandwiches were 35baht, the rolls and bread she made herself and they were good, infact so good 9 seats weren't enough, she relocated further up Thapraya Road and opened a place that would seat 20 odd people and started doing different European breakfasts, including a great English breakfast, that soon wasn't big enough so she opened this place a few doors away, this must be able to seat about 80 people and is busy all the time, veranda seating out the front and air con inside.

They now do full meals including lunch and dinner and also have a daily special.
The Continental Restaurant (The Continental - Jomtien)

Here at the intersection of Soi Thepprasit and Thapparaya Road lets have a quick look at what is down Soi Thepprasit, The Great American Rib Company has recently opened down here, also there are 2 Go Kart Tracks and a Bungee Jump.
KR Go Karting in Pattaya (Go Karting In Thailand)
A nice restaurant to visit about 100 meters into Soi Theprassit is Megs Wine Bar and Restaurant.
Soi Theprasit also has many Thai restaurants with meals starting from 25baht.
Soi Thepprasit Bungee Jump, Pattaya and Jomtien (Bungy Jumping in Pattaya)

There are a couple of car rental places here, one farang run and one Thai run, you should be able to guess which is which

We also have FoodMart here, this great for all those hard to get items, pickles, lemons, walkers crisps, powdered mash potato, in the car park they have an open air Thai restaurant that charge Thai prices, and Tikka Center restaurant which does Indian, Pakistani and Arabic food, the food is good but over priced considering the place aint that nice.

Now we are starting towards the more high end luxury dinning experience, Pan Pan Italian Restaurant, the building is classy, the decor is classy, I believe this was the second classy place to open up in Jomtien, Sugar Hut was the first, although both have been here longer than 10 years so they are both well established, occasionally members of the Thai Royal family dine there, that's how good it is, they also bake their own cakes, so if you have had enough of Pizza Huts blandness then this is the place to come to to get your Italian food fix, if you are on Soi Theprasit just turn right and you will see it on the left, also on Soi Thepprasit is the all new Great American Rib Company, now this is supposed to be good but has only just recently opened.

Across the road from here are another 2 View Talay Condos, but more importantly Carlo's Pizzeria, now this is a good Italian Restaurant with a stone pizza oven.
Italian Food in Jomtien (Carlos Pizzeria at View Talay)

Chateau Dale Plaza has only recently been built and has some of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants in Thailand, some like Bruno's moved from their Pattaya Soi Regents Marina location to here.

Luckily for me there is also affordable food here as well, BBQ chicken for 100baht from the Thai run street stalls sounds okay to me.

Indian by Nature is probably one of the most expensive and luxurious Indian food restaurants in Thailand, you wont be getting any 100 baht chicken madras here, reckon on 1,000baht per head without going into their wine selection.

Quite a nice entrance isn't it.

Indian By Nature website

100 meters further on towards Pattaya there is Gian's Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, News Cafe Steak and Grill, Habitu Wine Bar and Grill, Cuvee Lounge Bar and restaurant, these places wouldn't look out of place in high end areas of London, although Gians does look the nicest due to it being in the most prominent position.

Cuvee Lounge and Restaurant website

Cuvee Lounge and Restaurant local tv advert on You Tube

Bruno's Restaurant and Wine Bar, now this place is famous, it was one of Pattaya's first international luxury dinning experience's outside of the top hotels, with main dishes starting at 360baht and champagne going up to 11,500baht and wine going upto 31,000baht it could get a bit heavy on the wallet, they have recently relocated here at Thappraya Road, they open for lunch at 12 till 2.30pm and have a set lunch menu for 370baht +++ reopens in the evening at 6pm.

Bruno's Restaurant & Wine Bar web site here

Next is the Royal Hill Resort, The Steak Bao Restaurant from Pattaya will be relocating there, the owner of the restaurant is one of the Lek Carabao band., I assume they will stick to their American Grill theme.

After this is the Pattaya Provincial Court, which is somewhere you probably don't want to goto and next door is PIC Kitchen, this place never really took off and it is hard to tell even if it is still open.

100 meters further down towards Pattaya is Sugar Hut Resort and across the road is Jomtien Orchard Hotel, this has rooms in the 500baht per night range, off road parking, restaurant and swimming pool, if you follow this road to the end you will arrive at Pattaya Park, this is famous for its water park, its 170 meter high tower and its dual pricing in the revolving restaurant it has.
More info on Pattaya Park can be found here (Pattaya Park)
Pattaya Park Beach and pictures (Pattaya Park Beach - Jomtien)

Pattaya Beach info and pictures

Manhattans Steak House is the newest kid on the block so to speak, this is situated in Nirvana Place and is American managed, they have an extensive wine list with a lot of high end wines from the States, also imported Angus Beef steaks, this aint the place to come for a cheap quick meal, reckon on 2,000baht per head without bottles of wine and you wont go far wrong, the thing that worries me most is that all the reviews of place rate it extremely highly rated, just hope my girlfriend never wants to go there as I am not going to a place like that for my son to order Tom Yum Krung.

Mata Hari Restaurant run by Louis first opened its doors in Pattaya in 1996, this year they finally moved into there new restaurant, International and Thai food are the specialities of the day, including imported Australian Angus Beef, if it is too busy to get seating for your meal they also have a lounge bar where you can have a few pre dinner drinks, also has a reasonable wine list.

Mata Hari Restaurant Review (Mata Hari Pattaya)
Mata Hari Fine European and thai Cuisine website here

This is also situated in Nirvana Place, room rates start around the 8,000baht+++ per night.

Opposite Mata Hari there are a couple of guest houses, Roof Garden inn was one of the first ones in that block and is quite nice, also a bit cheaper is Veena Guest house, Enjoy Andre rents out rooms and also does half chickens and chips for 120baht.

Jomtien Bayview Hotel is a 500baht plus per night, has a swimming pool, pool room, restaurant, off road parking.

Another high end Hotel, Naris Art Hotel.

On the corner leading into Jomtien Nivate is the best value Italian Restaurant around, he used to be known as the 80baht spaghetti place till he put his prices up 10baht, he started out as a little supermarket with a couple of tables outside, he can now seat seat about 80 people and it is packed most evenings. Also round the corner going into Jomtien Nivate you will find the Jade Short Time Bar, this bar is open from midday to 8pm, has quite a nice selection of girls, also has a swimming pool and rooms for rent on the grounds.
More on Buondi Danon Restaurant Tino here (80baht Spagetti)
Best value Italian food in Jomtien or Pattaya (Buondi Danon. Restoran........tino.)

A&P Spaghetti has main pasta and spaghetti meals starting from 80baht per main dish but isn't as good as the above restaurant.
Cheap Italian Food at A&P Spaghetti Restaurant (A&P Spaghetti House/Jomtien/Pattaya)

Mike's Mexican Restaurant is here aswell, he first opened up 3 Restaurants in Japan and has now opened one up here in Pattaya, also does fresh fruit juice ice cream freezes, across the road a bit is Hotel California, this place they spent some money on, restaurant does American, Mexican and Thai food, I have to admit the last time I went to Mikes Restaurant I was a bit disappointed, but I shall try it yet again.

Next door to Mikes is the Bella Roma Italian restaurant and Ciao Spaghetti and Pizza House, the Bella Roma does great sandwiches for only 90baht.

Gossip Food and Drink does quite a selection of food, American, English, Thai, also has a very good coffee selection, although it is quite a small restaurant. Now called Chilli Restaurant,August 2007.
More on Gossips Restaurant can be found here (Gossip Food and Drink)

Across the road is the Seven Oaks Inn, now this place is classy and has had a lot of money spent on it, the food is English and Thai but I have to say very small portions and a bit too nouveau cuisine for me.
English food on Thappraya Road (Seven Oaks Inn /Pattaya /Jomtien)

The Soho Bar is Soi Thapprayas latest editions to the bar scene.
Soho Bar

The orchid and garden centers are back, they were all moved at the beginning of the year so the owner of the land could start some building projects there, it turns out that he may not actually be the owner of the land so the plant sellers moved back. Also in this area is the Le Arcate Italian Restaurant which used to be located at Soi Regent Marina.

The Captains Corner Grand Texas BBQ is next door to Mr Mac's Hotel and the Hakon Restaurant, The Captains Corner does a nightly all you can eat Sea Food and Steak Buffet between 6pm and 11pm for 350baht, they also own the Residence Suites which rents out apartments.

Across the Road from Captains corner is the Pop Inn, rooms for rent from 380baht per night, and now we are getting very close to Pattaya, more tomorrow.

Going back to the Sugar Hut you can turn off opposite there onto Pratumnak road to go round the other side of Buddha Mountain and end up in the same place in South pattaya.
Buddha Mountain in Pattaya pictures (Pattaya, Budha Mountain)

FreeWay A GoGo on Pratumnak Hill (Pattaya - Freeway a Go Go)

You will also find pattaya's sea rescue, lighthouse and Bali Hai Pier down here.
Pattaya sea rescue (Pattaya Sea Rescue Center)
Pattaya light house (Pattaya Light house)
Bali Hai Pier (Bali Hai Pier - Pattaya)

The beaches in this area between Pattaya and Jomtien are quite nice.
Sugar Beach (Sugar Beach - Jomtien)

Down near Cosy Beach Hotel are quite a few bars and restaurants.
Russian Restaurant that does Kebabs (Nam Tok Restaurant near Cosy Beach hotel)

For Indian and International Food (Royal Indian Hut /Pattaya /Jomtien)