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Jakarta Cathedral - Gereja Katedral

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Masjid Istiqlal & Gereja Katolik

Gereja Santa Maria Pelindung Diangkat Ke Surga is the full name for this Cathedral, if you are visiting this Cathedral then you may want to visit the Masjid Istiqlal Mosque which is the largest Mosque in South East Asia and is just a short walk down the road.

Historical Record of the Jakarta Cathedral

1891 - 1901
The priests and the faithful began to pursue the construction of the new church. Dated November 1, 1890 signed a contract between Monseigneur Claessens and employers Leykam about purchasing three million bricks.
Size must be in accordance with the attached example and its price is set 2.2 and 2.5 cents a (unknown quantity as lost in translation).
Starting on December 1, 1890, every month should be submitted 70,000 of the company's brick kiln.
The bricks are cracked and broken should not exceed 10%.
From this condition it is clear that the construction of the church done more professionally.

The person who was appointed and is believed to be the planner and architect development of this church is Pastor Anthony Dijkmans, SJ, an architect who attended a course on the ecclesiastical architecture of Violet-le-Duc in Paris, France, and Cuypers in the Netherlands.
Father Antony SJ Dijkmans had already arrived in Jakarta two years before the church was started, previously he had built two churches in the Netherlands.
He had also designed and built the chapel Sister Jl in 1891.

In the mid-year of 1891 work began laying the first stone to start construction of the church.
After approximately a year of construction work was discontinued because of lack of funds.
In addition, in the year 1894 Father Antonius Dijkmans, SJ returned to the Netherlands because of illness and eventually died in 1922. (Although wiki has this to say, "In Indonesia Jakarta Cathedral creating new twin towers on the top was begun in 1891 and completed 1901 by Dutch architect Antonius Dijkmans.")
Works development remained stagnant and the Mass was held in the rectory garage.

The new bishop, Mgr ES Luypen SJ (1898-1923) started to raise funds in the Netherlands and Engineers MJ Hulswit begun construction again.
Stones 'first' laid and blessed on January 16, 1899, as a sign of the commencement of construction of this church again.
In November, the roof beams in pairs.

To support the development funds of the church, the congregation did not stay silent.
The Governing Body of the Church with the congregation held a lottery twice (loterai), one time before pelatakan very foundations, and then before the start of development.
In the church archives are the balance sheet as follows:

Because of subsidies from the government remains denied, then this balance is the actual expectations and lack of Fl is 187 000,
To cover the shortage was issued bonds totaling Fl 50 000, - and collecting alms among Catholics and diluarnya improved.

The amazing thing is that the Governing Body of the Church with the congregation with its own business could collect the entire fee.
So many people today presupposition that the church's Cathedral awarded solely by the Dutch government are untrue.

In addition to the new architect, there is also a contractor named van Schaik.
van Es represent the Governing Body of the Church as bouwheer.
Construction of a second iron tower was drawn and done by Ir. van Es sendiri. van Es own.

11 years after the decision of the Governing Body of the Church, 10 years after laying the first stone, the church is complete.
Please note that during the seven years the church construction halted due to lack of funds, so the actual construction time only lasted three years.

"De Kerk van Onze Lieve Vrowe about Hemelopneming - Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption" was inaugurated and blessed by Msgr. Edmundus Sybradus Luypen, SJ, seorang Vikaris Apostolik Jakarta pada tanggal 21 April 1901. Edmundus Sybradus Luypen, SJ, a Vicar Apostolic of Jakarta on April 21, 1901.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by many officials, and people.
Mgr Luypen a moment to pray before the statue of Mary that there are between the two main doors, and promptly at 8:00 am,
Luypen began to surround the entire church and sprinkled with holy water as he accompanied the choir of Santa Caecilian, who on 22 November 1865 was established by Mr CGF Arcken cans.
The procession consisted of the cross bearer, altar boy, the priests and finally the Vicar Apostolic.
In front of the altar all knelt and sang the litany of All Saints.
Pontifical Mass with the liturgy of the ancient noble nan held by the bishop, accompanied by five priests.
Choir Santa Caecilian with the leaders of the father Toebosch and singing to the accompaniment of the organ Masses essay Benoit.

Being the main church in Jakarta it is recognised as a Cathedral, because in it there is cathedra, the throne of the bishop.

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Cathedral Entrance

Cathedral Gardens

Iron Spires


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