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    New Year party in a skirt, sucking and blowing...

    What did you do on New Year's Eve?

    I don't usually wear a skirt in public. I do this in the privacy of my apartment. But last night I decided to throw caution to the winds, donned my colourful skirt, and made my way to the little party that friends had organised.

    I settled down in a comfy chair and without a second thought, I pressed my lips against the small brown orifice that hovered close to my mouth. I tentatively stuck my tongue in a little and blew softy, being rewarded with a little squeal.

    Encouraged by this, I sucked greedily on the orifice, producing a much louder squeal. My friends watched in amazement as I gently wrapped by hands around the 'instrument' and proceeded to blow and suck continuously - the response was very satisfying.

    (That's a library photo of a Khaen player in traditional Longyi 'skirt' - not actually me)

    So a good time was had by all at this Lao/Burmese party, and my playing of the Khaen went down very well.

    Perhaps next time I could wear some suspenders with my longyi as well??

    Groping women when you're old is fine - everyone thinks you're senile

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    you are still alive ?

    glad you made it to 2013

    Happy NY Simon

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    We call it a kilt, because we kilt the last fucker that called it a skirt :P

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