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    31-01-2011 @ 09:29 PM
    Rawai Phuket

    Any UK twitchers out there?

    There is a webcam 24/7 on a Perigrine falcons nest on the cathedral tower in Derby UK

    Have been watching for a month and the eggs have hatched ( 2 out of 4 so far )

    Just a thought but you can see them on

    Derby Peregrine Webcam

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    The Red Rose County
    That's nice Happyman, really nice.
    Flobo also likes it.

    Thanks for the link.

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    16-03-2011 @ 07:55 PM
    "Yes ! Waxbills are beautiful. I didn't know that they were to
    be found wild here. They are an African species. There are several
    types, ie red eared, orange cheeked and golden brested waxbills.
    I have no idea if the other types are also to be found here ?

    The are seedeaters, but during the breeding season they
    become almost totally insectivorous and in captivity (aviculture) their
    young cannot be successfully reared without access to copious amounts
    of livefood. Breeders frequently set up their own mealworm and fruit
    fly cultures to provide for their needs. They (the parents) can also be
    released from an aviary, but only as long as they have young in the
    nest will they return. This way they not only will benefit from additional
    exercise, but they can also do their own foraging which reduces the
    work load for the breeder.

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    LIVE webcam showing nest site of peregrine falcons in Manchester city centre. (This camera is maintained by the RSPB)

    Might be worth checking at a later date.

    BBC - Manchester - Webcams - Peregrine falcons

    They're amazing.

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