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    Country walks in Sussex

    Years ago, England was one huge forest, with little villages and the odd town peeping out from under the leaves. These days, particularly in the south, where I did most of my 'growing up', green, open areas, woods, even trees, are starting to get a bit thin on the ground.

    With the English weather being as fickle as a shop girl's fancy, I try to take every advantage to get out and enjoy what is left.

    Today, our journey starts here. A foot path not far from where I used to live in Mid Sussex. That is one of the kids I borrow, from time to time.

    As we follow the path, trying to find the sun, there is not much to see, except in the stream itself.

    Then we come to some more gardens.

    Here we turn right and follow the railway line, through a quagmire and up a short hill, before we find the sun again.

    Not far down this path, we come to...

    The gate is designed to stop loonies riding bikes through the wood. In the old days, you could get out the other end. Now, there is a complicated system of gates and stiles. As the others dash off to play 'kick the leaves' and laugh like drains, I sit on a log and wait for the bird song to fill my ears.

    The silence is breathtaking.

    Then, one by one, I hear the birds.

    A passing train, ever now and then, tends to spoil things somewhat, but you get the idea. It is a very beautiful place.

    We opt for the long way home and the footpath comes out on a private drive. When you see this garden and pond, you are going the right way.

    That old fella has been there for years but the Dog seems to be a new one.

    Much of the landscape is dominated by the south downs.. It is a good method of working out where you heading and a great place to go and watch any fireworks or sunsets. Alas, no sunsets today, as the kid needs feeding.

    Back home, in time to see the sun slip behind the downs and it gets cold again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loombucket
    These days, particularly in the south, where I did most of my 'growing up', green, open areas, woods, even trees, are starting to get a bit thin on the ground.
    So very very true, was down my local area in Epsom not so long ago and most of the open areas that were my stomping grounds had disappeared under development.

    Nice thread, will try to add to it later, get the old camera out around Runcorn.

    Green if I am allowed.

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    Nice to see that soft light and rugged up kiddies. I think those people who grew those old trees and set aside common areas had a lot of foresight, far more than those today.

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    I lived in East sussex,the woods there are soon to be full of blue bells my favorite time to take a walk in the woods.

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    Like your photos matey but it looks way to cold for this Aussie.

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