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    The Felcher Memorial Home.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chittychangchang
    maybe you should have carted a few back in your saddle bags
    Or in grannies saddlebags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cujo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by beerlaodrinker View Post
    Yep, fuk living in Lao I'm immigrating to Cumbria, just for those chips and snaggers (Aussie speak for sausages , for the uncultured)
    What the fuck are you on about? Your a fucking import aren't you.
    SNAGS not snaggers.
    my bad, snags it is then.

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    Behind Soi Chiang noi
    I thought it was Courtney Love.
    please don't call me Love!

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    Quote Originally Posted by withnallstoke
    Did you nail the sweaty granny?
    I didn't drink that much, withnall. Agnes is 15 pints of McEwans territory.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bettyboo
    That's a nice looking sausage bap
    Betsy! Where the bladdy hell have you been, you old tart?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chittychangchang
    I've got a back garden full of them and a patio i'm working on.
    That's a nice project to work on - building own drystone wall. Let us know how you get on.

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    Hua Hin
    Quote Originally Posted by Chittychangchang View Post
    I've got a back garden full of them and a patio i'm working on.

    There's always a few laying around unused and unloved that end up in the back of the car on my trips up in the hills.
    This reminded me of a report I read the other day and when I used google to find it, I was amazed of the number of reports about stone going missing! You might have to take a bit of care on your next foraging trip!

    Stone thieves are dismantling Yorkshire?s heritage, warn police | UK news | The Guardian

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