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    Uk visas long term

    Getting tired of the annual hoop jumping for a Uk visa and thinking that a 5 year one although more expensive would be easier .
    My wife has already had 4 visas for uk with no problem and I would like advice on what if any the problems are --the main advantage being we can go at short notice whenever we feel like it, also at 68 if I wanted a medical diagnosis in the Uk my wife could come with me without any hassle

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    A mate of mine tells me that another option is to apply for an EU visa, that's if you've got ancestry or eligibility for a passport for an EU member state (eg a lot of English people can hold an Irish Passport).
    While it does involve giving up your British one, you can get a 5 year Visa for the whole of the EU for your Mrs, which also enables her to work as well.
    You could also, I believe, apply for the same Visa if you were to officially reside in an EU Country for over 3 months and pay into their welfare/tax system.


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    Ireland is not a part of the Schengen group of countries.
    The same rules apply for an Irish visa as for a UK one.

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