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    Go! Rhino Southampton

    Marwell Zoo is big on conservation and is located just outside Southampton.
    As an awareness campaign about the plight of Rhino and also as good advertising for Marwell these sculptures are sponsored by companies and associations and painted to reflect their interests.

    The sculptures are then dotted about various locations for people to view, what they call a mass public art event, and from 13 July - 22 September they are in Southampton having been placed along the route of the City Walk, which takes in the historical landmarks and passes several fine drinking establishments along the way.

    So when the heat had subsided we donned our Pith helmets, grabbed our cameras and gathered to quaff beer and shoot Rhino, hurrah!

    Here's the map, not very clear but you get the idea. If you are interested in finding out what Go! Rhino is really about here's the link Go Rhinos and for a proper look at the map...

    So we started at number 1, on the Town Quay pier

    It is a work of art apparently, and that in the background is one of the tugs that pulled the Titanic so I like to make out and which could possibly be true

    This is the David Attenborough shot... sshhh... I see Rhino...

    And another... there's 36 in all, but didn't get them all, it's thirsty work you know.

    Amazing detail on them, a lot of work has gone into them

    Not my kids or my wife, honestly, just some of the many random people along the way enjoying the Rhino

    Ooops, how did that one get in there..?

    This used to be the old quayside hence the boat and ting

    Ze Germans missed this one

    .. but not this one

    woooh mushrooms

    glad I didn't take any though... trippay

    this was my favorite so far, covered in mosaic tiles, that's the south coast and isle of wight on it's side

    so tactile, it felt lovely.. the beer was kicking in at this point, I loved that Rhino

    so we went to the pub for another, and I'll be back to shoot some more Rhino another day
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    Very nice art,amazingly creative.

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    South coast UK
    I think they are outstanding, thanks

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    I saw a similar thing in Prague except it was cows and bulls.

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    in t' naughty lass
    There's a nice one further down towards Briton Street.

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    The concept started in Zurich:

    CowParade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I was there when the first cows were unveilled and they were a huge talkingpoint. shops paid good money to have an appropriately painted cow outside their premises.

    "The Three Grazers" are also a good idea:

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    We're waiting with baited breath Neo

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    We had the cows in Geneva a few years ago too. They were fun!!

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