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    Rare steam engine The Princess celebrates her 150th birthday

    The world's first narrow gauge steam engine, The Princess, has been restored and put on display in London's Paddington Station to commemorate its 150th birthday

    The locomotive, which normally resides in Wales, was built in 1863 to haul trains of empty slate wagons from the harbour at Porthmadog to the quarries of Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales.

    Three-year-old Alexandra Brimmer (left) and five-year-old Imogen Brimmer pose on the Princess, the world's first narrow gauge steam engine.

    It was restored by the craftsmen at Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales and will remain on show in London for six weeks.

    Rare steam engine celebrates 150th birthday - ITV News

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    Originally built when coal was cheap and easily obtained. It is just a pity that they were so inefficient. Always nice to see a good restoration. Shame it wasn't steaming round a track!

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    Great photos,nice to see something from my area back home, they have several scatted across snowdonia that are still in working order taking tourist on trips around Snowdonia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loombucket View Post
    Originally built when coal was cheap and easily obtained.!
    It still is and accounts for something like 50% of CO2 discharges world-wide.

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