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    How Do I Post Pictures

    Cant Figure Out How To Post Pictures. Someone Help Please...

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    Quote Originally Posted by aldogg View Post
    Cant Figure Out How To Post Pictures. Someone Help Please... (How to post a picture)

    Or click on the little envelope and paste image url.

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    ^ KT you naughty boy you know it aint that easy .

    Ok Aldogg pay attention mate , now as its xmas

    1. click on gallery

    2. hover your mouse over the little house , click upload file.

    3. click browse and select your pic from your desired location

    4. click continue , at this point you will have to establish an album to load it into ,, ie call it my randoms, or whatever , then click to upload to that album.

    5. click continue , then your done ,,,,,,except >>>>>>>> you have to now upload it back to where you want it.

    6. go back and hover over that house again , select my gallery ( or in this case yours ) you will see your pics in the albums , now click the pic again it will grow in size , click again if you want it bigger still .

    7. right click the aforementioned image , select COPY IMAGE LOCATION

    8. back to your post your making where you wanna post it , click the yellow insert image box , IMPORTANT backspace the http/ out first then paste in your copy .

    If you havent either lost the will to live or have gone to phone the Samaratins by now I understand , BTW ,,,,, I dont make the rules I am just trying to help Happy xmas or is it Easter by now ?
    I'm proud of my 38" waist , also proud I have never done drugs

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    i find it best to keep the window where you want to post the photos open and waiting,
    and open a 2nd teakdoor window to get at the gallery

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