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    Quote Originally Posted by fiddler View Post
    Anyway, I'll take lots of pics and be sure to add them to TD when I return in a few weeks.
    Yes, please.

    I've done part of the Appalachian trail and hiked Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. A must if you like hiking as a suggestion.

    I've also hiked to the top of Whiteface Mountain in the Catskills of New York state. I highly recommend it. Theses are all day hikes though. Nice view from the top of Whiteface. Nice to ski on in the winter.

    Quote Originally Posted by YourDaddy View Post
    What else is there?
    Your Thai success story.
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    We're developing the extension of the Via Dinarica from Albania into Kosovo and onward to Macedonia.
    Check out some of our photo albums here.

    It's also not the only long distance trail in the area:
    - Peaks of the Balkans: a well established and documented circular trail connecting the most attractive mountain regions of Albania Kosovo and Montenegro - you walk part of it on Via Dinarica
    - High Scardus Trail: a new route in the making and not yet published that spans the border triangle between Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

    For shorter treks and hiking in spring and autumn (too early for the longer trails) see the last two examples.
    - Accursed Mountains or Albanian Alps
    - Zagoria - Hidden Valley Trek
    - Albania's Mysterious South - The Albanian Riviera & Coastal Mountains

    Options are limitless. Come and visit our neck of the woods!
    Ricardo from Zbulo! Discover Albania

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    Cheers, Ricardo. I'll put on my Bucket List.

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