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    Alternative Christmas Songs!!!!

    F*ck Jingle Bells is boring.
    Why not try 'Christmas Song of Kevin Bloody Wilson'.
    Lyrics @ - All Song Lyrics

    Does anybody have any other alternative jingles they like?

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    from another board; meanwhile I'm trying to find it... very funny:

    "Though there's only snippets of songs, SNL did a very funny sketch, "A Dysfunctional Family Christmas," that featured such classics as "Let's Pretend We Like Each Other (This Christmas)", "Ballad of the Co-Dependent", and "Runny Funny Daddy"
    ("Daddy's nose is red and runny,
    Daddy's voice is rough and funny.
    Anmd the only words I can understand
    are 'God' and 'Damn' and 'Christmas'")

    There were also great song titles like "I've Got My Drinking Under Control For The Holidays", "Cant' You Let It Drop, It's Christmas", "What I Want You Can't Buy Me", "Fruitcake And Shame", and "Why Am I The Only One Who Knows What Christmas Really Means?"

    From the great Phil Hartman Jan Hooks years. And yes, I know it's fashionable to bash SNL, but that was a really great cast."

    GOT IT!!!

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    Cum all ye faithfull
    jingle balls
    rudolf the red nose rain queer

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