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    Incestuous affair results in off spring.

    What to do in a situation like this.
    have the child and tell it?
    have the child and don't tell it?
    Abort the baby and eat the fetus?
    Quite a dilema really and a moral one at that.
    Just goes to prove that people that pork their cousins really are stupid pieces of shit.
    The real truth about potential family complications

    I can't confide anything to anyone on this touchy subject.

    I've only revealed this secret to a bunch of faceless folks on a couple of Thai based forums.

    So feel proud to be privy to this information I am about to reveal. Don't get excited, it's all self inflicted and our own fault.

    My cousin, who is a sweet, sexy individual with her own life in Bangkok and a long term european BF (not a Brit, luckily) is now pregnant, and I know 100% it's mine. So does she. We laughed about it at first but time will soon show the result of our incestuous trysts.

    I balanced up the dates, obviously not right to the exact day, but near enough, and she was with me at the time, in Cologne in March. He was in France for 6 weeks at that time, opening his poncey art gallery, and he has insecure issues with his sexual prowness I know that. (''Can't satisfy me'', she claims, but that's another matter)

    I can't tell my dad as he will kill me. Not that he is in contact with that side of the family, their contact is minimal since my mum passed away in 1985. So was mine until 2002 when I made the point of re-introducing myself back into the Thai clan.

    Anyway the point is, is an abortion the moral thing to put her through? I gotta take large chunk of the blame here, and she's totally in two minds about this potential baby, (which could be one of 3 things, boy, girl, or sloth).

    The biggest worries are:

    The French guy finding out.

    The family finding out.

    What to do if we're cast out like a couple of lepers.

    Chua duay!!
    Th real truth about potential family complications
    "In my professional assessment as an intelligence officer, Trump has a reflexive, defensive, monumentally narcissistic personality, for whom the facts and national interest are irrelevant, and the only thing that counts is whatever gives personal advantage and directs attention to himself."

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    DJPat won't be bragging much now.

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    ^^Life catching up with DJ Pat?

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    My body is not a temple, It's the hell where I reside.
    I know.
    I had to stop shagging my sister cos papa didn't like sloppy seconds.

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    ^ well fuck me. Two days after he is hammered on "another board", with the consensus that this shagging his cousin thing is a load of bollocks, and that, if anything, the nearest Pat gets to his cousin is sniffing her discarded panties, this comes up.

    The premier attention whore strikes again.

    Before we get to far off track, lets remember that this is the same guy who has "Incestuous & proud of it" under his user name (in another place).

    Fuck off Pat, and try getting a life.

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    I will be seeing the cousin in October and will check whether she has put on any weight or not.

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