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    Potential Freelance Work for People in LOS

    My wife finally got a full time job after two months of searching. We looked all over for any opportunities to make some cash on the side while waiting to hear back from the places she applied. Here are some links I stumbled across in the search. : Probably the best opportunity. You basically do UAT (user acceptance testing) for amazon and their vendors. They pay you a few pennies per task, but you could probably do 20 to 100 task in a hour. : customer service work at home. work at home mom forums. Pretty good information, may be able to find opportunities for working remotely in LOS. & : evaluate search engine results at home. Most are restricted to US residents, but if you can prove fluency in second language they demand, you have a shot. : Click on the "scoring at home" link. They probably only hire those with a valid teaching degree received from a western university and someone who has scored high on their standardized exams.

    The links I have listed may be limited to only US residents or have other restrictions, so read the fine print. Making a few hundred dollars extra a month is nice in the US, but probably would go a lot further in Thailand. Good luck!

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    If you have any skills look at places like or

    If you need the money and you know how to reed an rite proper, then you might be able to get jobs for 350-500 baht an hour. Maybe more if you are good enough.

    A lot of them want useless Indian's or Filipino's though cos' they will work for flip flops.

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