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    The land of silk and money.

    Sperm facing threat

    New affordable 'elixir of youth' face cream to go on sale for less than 10

    A new affordable skin cream that could provide women with the “elixir of youth” is about to go on sale on Britain’s high streets. for less than 10

    Published: 7:30AM BST 12 Aug 2010

    Experts say the cream could provide women with an "elixar of youth". Photo: ALAMY

    The Optimum skin care range will go on sale at Superdrug from next month for less than 10 - considerbly cheaper than other exclusive brands. Photo: SUPERDRUG

    The Optimum skin care range, which includes the anti-ageing benefits of a rare Swiss apple,is to go on sale at Superdrug from next month for less than 10.

    Despite that cost rising to 14.99 from October it is considerably cheaper than the average retail price of similar, but more exclusive, cosmetics based on the fruit of the Uttwiler Spatlauber tree.

    Experts say other skin creams can retail for up to 225 a bottle.
    Andrew Groom, Superdrugs brand director, said the company was able to offer a cut-price version of the “super-serum” because all the customer was paying for was the active ingredient.
    He said the apple stem cell ingredient was the same version used in expensive creams and denied it was a replica.
    “Why should the way you look be defined by the depth of your pockets,” he told the Daily Mail.
    “Other overheads faced by top-end cosmetics companies, such as packaging and advertising, have been slashed to the bare minimum.
    “In today’s economic climate customers are getting savvier in their skincare shopping. Why spend 200 on a jar when you can buy the exact same active ingredient for a tenner?”
    He added: “In our product customers are paying for the ingredient; not glossy advertising, photographs of an airbrushed supermodel or fancy packaging.
    “With cutting-edge skin care such as this it’s the active ingredient that counts.
    “The addition of other ingredients is sometimes just window dressing, added by the big brands in order to bump the price up.”
    Scientists claim the apple extract, known as PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, can hold the key to reversing skin ageing, increasing the lifespan of human cells and could even aid hair growth.

    New affordable 'elixir of youth' face cream to go on sale for less than 10 - Telegraph

    Gonna have to reinvent the wheel a bit here to give the genuine article more appeal.

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    Well at least I have learnt one new word today "elixir".
    Good marketing ploy by Superdrug. Sell at a tenner a pop, then raise it to 15 quid a month later once all the female of the species are hooked.
    This cream stuff is like a drug to women. My missus must have a street value of 1/2 million quid of these creams and potions sitting on the vanity table.
    Black diamonds? I shit 'em.

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