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    Thai open-air festival will take place at ZuiderPark, The Hague

    Soon, a unique Thai open-air festival will take place at ZuiderPark, The Hague.

    On 14 and 15 August 2010 a new Thai open-air festival. will take place In Zuiderpark, The Hague.

    The festival will be held in one of the most beautiful parks in The Hague, the South Park, the green oasis of peace in The Hague, where also Parkpop, Milan and many other festivals are held.

    The location was chosen because the visitors here can relax on the grass, can picnic and it has good parking facilities.

    Thailand at the Summer Festival, the public can learn about two days long, live, feel and taste all the beauty that Thailand has to offer.

    Not only the festival is new, but the design: a cultural festival focused exclusively on Thailand.

    The purpose of the event is for people of different nationalities to become acquainted with Thai culture.

    At the festival you can find Thai market with traditional Thai food and non-food products, but also Sculptures, furniture, incense, handicrafts,
    flowers and of course Thai massage.

    Famous Thai dancers during these 2 days will regularly show their spectacular entertainment shows.

    On Saturday there will be an concert of the famous farrang group “Somango” Who are very famous in Thailand for the performance with Carabao and Sek Loso and many TV shows.

    On Sunday evening there will be a performance by the famous Thai band "Poo Ponsit Khampee" both of which are specially for this festival has come to the Netherlands.

    The festival is open daily from 11.00 hours to 23.00 hours.
    The extra evening, concerts will take place from 18.30 hours until 23.00 hours

    The entrance fee during the day (11.00 hours to 18.00), additional low level (€ 3.00 and children under 12 years free) to visit the festival accessible to the widest possible group of people so that they can become acquainted with the Thai culture.

    For the performance of the band Somango or Thai band Ponsit Kumphee Poo "is a combination card, which online,
    in advance, but also addresses the cash available for sale.
    Normal tickets are only at the entrance of the festival or available online.

    The proceeds from this festival will be donated to various projects in Thailand which children are central.

    For more information: Thailand Festival - Editie Nederland

    Or at the Kon Thai Foundation
    Rene and Sarah Terlouw
    Tel: +31653-633890
    Thai: +31624128109

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    Which traditional fleece the farang activities will they be holding?

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    3 euro entry.

    300 euro bill upon exiting.

    Sounds like a nice day out though.

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