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Thread: TD Time Capsule

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    TD Time Capsule

    Can DD put an electronic copy of TD together and we can bury it somewhere or launch it into space.

    I would like to put into it my award winning contributions of AOTY2008 and First after the winner Architect of the year 2009 threads.

    I would also like to include my posts in relation to Daffney, just so when people in the future start to weed out genes from your DNA, they get their priorities right and put his traits at the top of the list.

    Also BobsKnobs photo threads so they can see how a man on a mission can waste hours taking photos of statues and crap like that.

    Any additions ??
    I like poisoning my neighbours dogs till they die cos I'm a cnut

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nawty
    Any additions ??
    Yes 1st prize for the following awards nicely written out on a certificate for your own self mastubation in 20 light years time.

    1) being a thick Aussie Cnut
    2) trolling this forum with your friend Daffy
    3) Eating vegemite
    4) Ignoring award number 2 above

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    Usernames and passwords.

    Add Bustack's brilliant shots up there too.

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